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The Directory of the Canning, Freezing, Preserving Industries.

Divided into many sections, the first contains American company profiles and forms the master list from which all other files have been taken. The next three sections arrange the processors by State, product and brand name. The next ones arrange the processors by process and by region and there are separate sections for canners, freezers, packers in glass, aseptic packers and dryers or dehydrators. Because this text is aimed primarily at the North American market the regional sections are grouped into listing for 7 US regions and 3 Canadian regions.

For those wanting a great deal of information about the American companies involved in this business area, the directory tells you all the details you need to know about the companies and what they produce. The publishers tell us the text provides details on 2958 food processing factories operated by 2248 companies processing 3966 different products under 4072 brand names. Full details include the names of 11,269 executives and managers and there are 19,344 product entries. These figures are provided for those with an interest in statistics.
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Date:Oct 1, 1992
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