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The Directory of Food and Nutrition Information for Professionals and Consumers, 2d ed.

The directory has been compiled to assist those who need to identify sources of food and nutrition information.

This second edition is different from the first in that several chapters have been added. It is divided into just two parts. The first has chapters that carry titles: Organizations, Academic programmes, Software, and Databases. Part 2 has chapters: Key reference material, Abstracting, indexing and current awareness services, Professional journals and newsletters, Museums and special collections, Book, audiovisual and software producers, Cookbooks, Consumer magazines, Consumer reading lists, Toll-free numbers, hotlines, helplines and clearinghouses, and Regional, state and area agencies and organizations. Then there are two major indexes in this directory: a subject index for Part 1 that is generated by terms or keywords that have been assigned to each entry, and the numbers in the index refer to citation numbers in the chapters. The subject index covering Part 2 refers to the page number on which the entry appears, but one needs to use both indexes to get the best out of the book. It could be said with some justification that there are many available sources of misinformation about nutrition. Over the years the popular press seems to have taken every opportunity to publicise comment that it is at best only half true as concerns nutrition and the human body. Because people need to be better informed, this text assumes an importance of its own.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jan 1, 1994
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