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The Diaspora will decide about the name issue.

The Albanian Diaspora will perhaps have the decisive role in a referendum, which will be organized for the name issue. Lajm has learned that calculations are made to see whether it would be good to hold the referendum next year during the summer or in spring together with the presidential elections. Thus far, according to all calculations, the possible referendum would be held in March or April next year while the idea for "postponing" appeared due to the possibility for the referendum to fail. For this reason, the votes of the Albanian Diaspora are considered crucial. Albanian analysts say that the Albanian migrant workers could once again contribute with the turnout, same as at the local elections.

"The referendum is the highest form of democratic expression and therefore it requires large turnout. If a name change is voted for in the referendum, a suitable date for the majority of citizens must be set. On the contrary, every result with poor outcome will be contested and the Diaspora must be present, not only as citizens of this country, but also as an important economic factors," analyst Kasif Bakiu said.

Mersel Biljali, on the other hand, proposes these citizens to be allowed to vote in the country they reside in. In his view, it is important to reach an agreement with Greece while the date for a referendum is unimportant because it will succeed regardless.
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Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Jul 17, 2013
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