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The Detroit Regional Chamber's Political Action Committee: leading through action, influence and access.

FY 2008-09 was a busy election cycle for the chamber PAC. We began the program year with endorsements in the 2008 primary and general elections for key federal, state and local races. On the federal level, the chamber PAC endorsed U.S. Senator Carl Levin and U.S. Congressional Representatives John Dingell, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick and Joe Knollenberg. The chamber PAC's endorsement was based on their track record of support for key chamber public policy priorities including trade, health care, public transit and border crossing issues.


On the state level, the chamber PAC endorsed a bi-partisan slate of some 78 candidates running for seats in the Michigan House of Representatives. Endorsements included incumbent Andy Dillon, Speaker of the House, as well as several incumbents representing the City of Detroit and Southeast Michigan who understand what it takes to create jobs and grow businesses.

In key local elections, the chamber PAC endorsed candidates running for office in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. These included endorsements for L. Brooks Patterson for Oakland County Executive and Warren Evans for Wayne County Sheriff. In addition, the chamber PAC endorsed select candidates running for the recently formed Macomb Charter Commission responsible for leading the county's efforts to establish a county executive form of government.

The chamber PAC continued its active engagement into the new year with elections in the city of Detroit to address the key challenges of mayoral succession, effective city council leadership, and revision of the outdated Detroit City Charter. As a result, the PAC interviewed more than 30 candidates running for mayor, city council and the Detroit charter commission. The list of PAC endorsed candidates is available on page 14. The PAC will continue its active involvement in these pivotal races for Detroit through the November 3rd general election.

For FY 2008-09, the Detroit Regional Chamber PAC contributed $75,400 to candidates who support our pro-business public policy agenda.

The success of the Detroit Regional Chamber PAC is attributed in great part to the commitment and high caliber of leaders on our PAC board of directors who work tirelessly to elevate the prominence and influence of the chamber's PAC and increase chamber member participation. With their continued hard work and dedication, we look forward to another successful year.

The Detroit Regional Chamber PAC also thanks all of you - our members who have given generously in support of the PAC. For information on how you can help support our efforts, contact chamber PAC Administrator Claudia Berry at (313) 596-0329 or email at

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The Detroit Regional Chamber PAC interviewed more than 30 Detroit candidates running for mayor, city council and the charter revision commission in the upcoming 2009 primary election in an effort to identify and support the high-caliber and quality of leadership needed to return integrity and accountability to Detroit City government. The PAC was pleased to find that many of these candidates possessed the experience, passion and dedication required to move the city forward.


Discussions are on-going regarding opportunities to maintain and improve Cobo Hall. Regional debate continues regarding the best alternatives to improve public transit or our Detroit Windsor border crossings. And in Lansing, the chamber is one of a select group of organizations at the table providing leadership to identify opportunities to streamline Michigan government and reduce the state's growing budget deficit. The chamber PAC endorses and actively supports pro-business candidates who support these and other key chamber public policy priorities.


The chamber PAC hosted its 10th annual PAC Reception during the Mackinac Policy Conference featuring the key candidates running for governor in the upcoming 2010 elections. Attended by 300 guests, this event provided attendees an early glimpse of the candidates and key issues in the upcoming gubernatorial race. Attendees also had the opportunity to network with the candidates.

Terence A. Thomas, Sr. is chairman of the Detroit Regional Chamber's Political Action Committee.
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Author:Thomas, Terence A., Sr.
Date:Sep 1, 2009
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