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The Department of the Navy Information Technology (DON IT) Umbrella Program of contracts announces four newly awarded Blanket Purchase Agreements for Adobe products ...

Four new Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) provide both new and upgrade software licenses for Adobe products. These agreements also provide Adobe software upgrade plans, formerly known as maintenance agreements. The BPAs include software licenses formerly known under the Macromedia product brand. Products include: Acrobat (Standard and Professional); Photoshop; Encore; After Effects; Frame Maker; Creative Suites; Illustrator; Flash Professional; Dreamweaver; Cold Fusion; and other Adobe products.

The awardees are CDW-G, Softmart, ASAP and Softchoice.

A change in Adobe licensing will affect a user's ability to purchase upgrade plan coverage for legacy products. Without purchasing upgrade plan coverage, customers will not be eligible for free version upgrades.

From May 1 through Nov. 1, 2006, all Defense Department customers that own Adobe and Macromedia legacy software licenses will be able to purchase a new upgrade plan--if the customer's software licenses are at current shipping versions. The first six months of the new Adobe agreement will be the only opportunity to cover (maintain) legacy Adobe products even if customers currently have maintenance plans.

Customers that do not take advantage of this limited time offer will have to purchase an upgrade license (if available) or repurchase a new license for the Adobe product to obtain the latest Adobe versions.

After the first six-month period, upgrade plans can only be purchased for new and upgrade licenses--and only at the time of a new license purchase.

Products may be purchased through the ITEC Direct storefront (http://www. Customers can make direct purchases using the government credit card; contact software product managers and obtain customer service; browse our product line; review policy notices; and access small business contracts.


ASAP (N00104-06-A-ZF33) Small Business (800) 248-2727, ext. 5303

CDW-G (N00104-06-A-ZF34) (703) 621-8211

Softchoice (N00104-06-A-ZF35) Small Business (703) 480-1957

Softmart (N00104-06-A-ZF36) Small Business (610) 518-4192

These BPAs expire May 31, 2008. Go to page 53 for a complete list of contracts and points of contact for assistance.

For more information, go to the DON IT Umbrella Program Web site: http://www. adobe-esa/index.shtml.

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The DON IT Umbrella Program assists the DON and DoD in making efficient use of IT dollars. It is a business strategy that aggregates customer requirements for volume discounts on the products and services that Defense customers need most.

As a key component of the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI), the Umbrella Program fulfills the Navy's duties as the executive agent for office automation tools, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and enterprise application integration software.

ESI product agreements include: the entire Microsoft product line; Section 508 tools; Adobe; Oracle; Novell; TOWER Software; Business Objects' Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise; Telelogic; NetIQ; Symantec; Quest Software; Red Hat Linux; WinZip; Gartner research and advisory services; and much more.

But the DON IT Umbrella Program is more than just a convenient way to order hardware, software and services, it is a business model that yields optimal pricing and preferred terms and conditions for widely used commercial-off the-shelf (COTS) software.

Refer to Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Subpart 208.74 for policy and procedural guidance. The recent reissue of the Defense Acquisition System Policy (DoD 5000 series) mandates the leveraging of, and coordination with, the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative when the use of commercial IT is considered viable.

Finally, relevant provisions of the DoD Chief Information Officer Guidance and Policy Memorandum of July 26, 2000, may also be incorporated into software directives and instructions.
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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