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The Delicious Drink That Protects You from Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA Infections Before You Go Into the Hospital.

As you may know, MRSA is one of the deadliest bacteria you can come into contact with. And antibiotics are useless against it.

What's really scary is, many MRSA infections occur in hospitals. That means you could go into the hospital for a minor procedure ... and end up dying from an infection!

Luckily, scientists have now discovered an easy way to give yourself full protection against MRSA. How? Simply by drinking cranberry juice!

Yes, cranberry juice. I know that sounds crazy, but that's exactly what university researchers discovered--almost by accident.

Researchers were studying how cranberry juice works against E. coli and other bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. But on a whim, one of the researchers included MRSA bacteria in the experiment.

The researchers then measured the amount of bacteria in special samples. As expected, cranberry juice reduced the amount of E. coli bacteria. But the researchers were shocked by what else they discovered:

Drinking cranberry juice prevented ALL of the MRSA bacteria from developing! That's right. 100%!

Here's why it works. Researchers theorize that for bacteria to infect you, the bacteria have to "stick" to your tissues. MRSA bacteria stick to tissues very easily. But cranberry juice prevented this from happening. There wasn't a single case of MRSA in the staph samples. Not one!

So if you have any kind of staph infection or are going to be checking into a hospital, start drinking cranberry juice. (Note: You want to drink cranberry juice, not the sugar-laden cranberry cocktail they sell at the supermarket.) And once you're at the hospital, have a friend or loved one bring you a bottle.

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Date:Jan 1, 2018
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