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The Death of Justice; Morning Serial.

Byline: by Michael O'Brien

I had no one in the secondary school who I could talk to and the bullies wrecked my childhood. I wouldn't suffer in silence again andhate the thought of others doing so. My advice to anyone who is being bullied at school is not to do as I did. Report it at once and try to get help. Maybe if I had tried to do something about it I might have done a lot better at school. I don't blame the schools. If they don't know about it how can they possibly help you?

The only good thing for me at Mostyn was the girls. I had my first girlfriend there. She was called Charlotte Gerard and she'd just moved in around the corner fromme. I had just turned 11 and she was the love of my life! I dreamed about spending my life with her. However, we used to get a lot of stick from other kids because I didn't have the nice clothes and wasn't as well groomed as the others (hence, Smelly Bonelli). It got toomuch in the end and we finished. I was devastated.

Like many kids, I spent a lot of time hanging around the streets trying to be a Casanova. I had a girlfriend called Tina Stewart and we shared some good times together, huddling together in the bus shelter when it was raining or snowing, trying to keep warm in two big oversized coats. We were young and thought we were in love so we spent as much time as we could together. Our relationship fizzled out but we got together again for a short time. It didn't work out again - we were like a teenage Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor!

There was Teresa Ellis.We used to live and die in each other's houses and went out with each other on and off for a few years - until I met the girl of my dreams. Her name was Aletha Dicksonand she lived at Heath inCardiff, a few miles from me. I met her when I used to help a friend run his disco at Llanishen High School. She was stunning. She had wet-look hair in the front and long beaded dreadlocks at the back. She was very slim and really stood out from the crowd.We used to spend as much time together as we could. We both shared an interest in a new craze, breakdancing. Some of our friends, Darren, Mark, Vicky, Aletha and I used to go breakdancing whenever we could. Mark used to carry a piece of lino with him so we could practise spinning on our backs and other body popping moves. My ghetto blaster was primed with all the music we needed for dancing. Aletha was a good dancer and used to go to classes where a man called Frankie Johnson used to teach her. He regularly appeared on Top of the Pops and was bloody good. Aletha and I were together for some time but then the arguments started. Her father didn't want her being with me.He would say she wasn't in when I called. I took against her father. I made some derogatory remarks in anger (something I regret to this day) and that was the end of our relationship. It finished abruptly.

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 6, 2008
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