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The Dead Angel.

The Dead Angel

Carolyn Rowe Hill

Publish America

P.O. Box 151, Fredericksburg, Maryland 21705

ISBN 1592863760 $21.95 270 pages

Detective Hannah Bell, called to the scene of an apparent suicide, is struck by the perfect arrangement of the body of deceased Angela Allen, as well as her youth and beauty. Suspicions arise at the unemotional reactions of Angela's mother, Mariah, and twin sister, Gloria, to her death, as well as the mother's declaration Gloria killed Angela. Dr. Garrett Adams, forensic scientist at the scene, suspects foul play but dies suddenly of a heart attack after confiding this to Hannah. Hannah begins an intense investigation of Angela's death, unsettled that the deceased has stirred up memories for her concerning her own twin sister's sudden disappearance at the age of eleven. The investigation intensifies and becomes more complex, with questions arising concerning Mariah's secret meetings with several powerful men in their community and suspected dealings with the illegal immigration of Irish workers. When Mariah is found dead, apparently having choked to death, things only grow more complicated.

Ms. Hill delivers a nice mystery here, with plenty of red herrings and twists and turns to keep the reader on edge. Hannah is a likable character, a young woman determined to make her mark in the investigative world while trying to deal with the loss of her twin during childhood. A very good read guaranteed to entertain the reader, one I recommend highly.
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Author:French, Christy Tillery
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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