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The Davey connection.

One of the nation's best-known tree-care companies and its oldest conservation group team up to celebrate and support Big Trees and Global ReLeaf. By DEBORAH GANGLOFF

The Davey Tree Expert Company has joined AFA in its newest programGlobal ReLeaf-by supporting one of its oldest-Big Trees. The tree-care company, headquartered in Kent, Ohio, recently announced a substantial first-year grant to AFA in support of Global ReLeaf and the ways in which the Big Trees program bolsters the ideals of ReLeaf by making people aware of the values of trees and forests. The funds will be used to expand and improve AFA'S National Register of Big Trees, and to help us celebrate Big Trees' 50th anniversary next year. Davey has also pledged support for 1990 and subsequent years.

Although the National Register of Big Trees is perhaps AFA'S bestknown program, AFA has never had resources to promote the program adequately. Now, thanks to Davey's support, we can bring the fascination of Big Trees to many more Americans.

Davey President, R. Douglas Cowan, said in announcing the firm's support, "AFA'S National Register of Big Trees program is unique in its ability to capture the imagination of the American public and promote the value of trees by protecting those of unusual size. The Davey Tree Expert Company has been committed to tree care for over 88 years, and we believe that our support of the Big Tree program will benefit forest conservation in a significant way. In addition, the Global ReLeaf message that individual action can make a difference is a premise our founder, John Davey, believed in, and it remains an important part of our company philosophy today."

The Davey Tree Expert Company was founded in 1899. John Davey, born in England in 1846, immigrated to the "New World" when he was 27. His early interest in plants, especially trees, was responsible for the birth of the science of tree surgery, or what we now call arboriculture.

Although Davey started his treecare business in the Ohio area, the publication of his book The Tree Doctor in 1901 enabled the company to expand its tree service to the Northeast and later across the country.

The American Forestry Association was founded in 1875, just two years after John Davey arrived in the U. S. Its first President was Robert Douglas, a nurseryman from Illinois, but he soon stepped down in favor of AFA'S founder, Dr. John Aston Warder, a doctor and horticulturist (see story on page 50 for more on AFA'S founding father). By the time Davey had published his book, AMERICAN FORESTS magazine was also sharing the current professional knowledge of city and town trees with the AFA readership. AFA did not initiate its urban forestry program until the organization's second century had begun, but early AMERICAN FORESTS articles discussed the special planting and care required by city trees, and the values they bring to the quality of life.

John Davey helped Americans realize the value of individual trees. How appropriate, then, that his company add its support to AFA'S National Register of Big Trees, a program that also emphasizes the focusing on unique specimens.

The book of the National Register of Big Trees was first opened in 1940 when AFA invited nominations for the largest specimen of several native or naturalized species in the U.S. The list has grown to include over 850 species as we approach a half-century of keeping the National Register, and AFA has never charged a fee to nominate or register a tree. With Davey's support, AFA will publish a special 50th Anniversary edition of the National Register next year. And we'll "spruce-up" all accompanying program materials such as the program brochure, owner and nominator certificates, and optional Big Tree signage.

We invite you to help us celebrate the upcoming 30th anniversary of Big Trees, and in saluting the Davey Tree Expert Company for its continuing dedication to the cause of forest and tree conservation. Watch for additional details on the 1990 celebration of Big Trees in upcoming issues of AMERICAN Forests . AF
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Title Annotation:Davey Tree Expert Co. joins American Forestry Association's Global ReLeaf program
Author:Gangloff, Deborah
Publication:American Forests
Date:Jul 1, 1989
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