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The Dartmoor Yankee.

Malcolm Lynch writes the story of John Adams, an American prisoner of war in 1812 who has escaped from his jail into the wilds of Dartmoor. He finds shelter and love with the gipsy-like but street-wise and beautiful Sally. His haven is soon shattered by the advent of prison guards and the apparently unaccountable ruthlessness of Sally who has informed on him. Ruthless but not faithless, she turns up in the end to help him fulfill the promise he has made to transport her 'to the Mississippi and feed her on buffalo'.

The conditions surrounding Napoleon's war include the declaration by the newly elected President Madison of a state of war between the States and Britain. Already by 1812 the French had built Dartmoor Prison where most of the captured Yankee soldiers were held, until its disintegration after 1815. John Adams is left running what is left of the prison's inmates, both captors and captured. Meanwhile Sally has carved out her own remarkably adventurous way to wealth and freedom, her apparent treachery being explained when she finally joins her lover on the borrowed Boston Trader and they sail for home. This attractive novel is one of Malcolm Lynch's best. It is full of lively narrative and vivid characterisation.
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Author:Abel, Anita
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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