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The Dance Floor.

This is a sweet serenade to the world. The skirt seekers are taking advantage of the moment. Deep in the senses, everyone feels the movement of the feet. Men are stomping upon the ground like chevaliers riding their elegant horses and the women gliding through the cadence of the beat like a group of light infantry being transported by the rhythm of the wind. The fringes of their skirts flap, and they form a tribe of flying wings; yet, nothing prohibits them from revealing the smoothness of their sensuous skin. The last man who comes in stares at a group of women, and asks someone:

"Do you know these?"

"No, not really, people are here for one single reason."

"Oh, enlighten me on this issue."

"They come out to have a swell night. Some of them believe the bar is not a secret world. Here fear is the only taboo. It is looked upon badly because it impinges upon the liberty of the mind."

"Ok, what do you mean?"

"Order is for the state and church." The lady tells the man while he begins to move his stiff Iambs since it has been his first time to ever tread the fields of freedom on the dance floor.

"Oh, isn't that difficult to achieve?"

"The senses recognize no restraint, especially when they are flared with passion to express their desires, and here they demand absolute freedom at the bar while striving adamantly from every aspect of living to become a completely free." She tells him again as he stands there simply following the movement of her lips.

"I must learn how to do that. I'm not quite a good dancer you know. I might need some help here."

"Follow me, Cowboy. Just let the music have full control of your body, and I will guide you in the direction of the beat."

"Ok, I will try." He replies to assure her of his support.

Then, she takes him to this unique road of rhythms to explore life differently. The ostentatious hips twisting reveal this need for self-determination as uninhibited expressions leap to claim their sovereignty among the captives of social constraints, and the heat behind the thought that enchants all humankind in the universe imposes this requirement once the individual enters the doors to be enthralled by the power of the drums.

"Life is a gigantic ballroom and nature only gives its trophy to the best dancer." The woman listening and watching them says after having sat down to observe others dancing upon hearing the beat and her friend responds.

"I can't wait to get mine."

"Go there to show what you have hidden up your thighs. Loose up for a moment."

"Watch me, Honey. I have everything there for the world to be free." "Don't say it. Just show it."

"Yes, watch me." She says as she quickly reaches for the fringes of her skirt to grab and to showcase her talents among the few.

The near-by hearers say nothing since they know they are all winners, and they unleash their restraints like flying birds to conform the means to unveil the freedom that allows the mind to evade the oppression of the cage easily. The place is almost filled to its capacity, and the men's reeking breath smears the air with the mixed aroma of vodka and beer. There is no ventilation system. The windows are placed in angles that indicate the absurd lack of imagination of the architect, which is not compatible with the attitude of the occupants now rendering the bar lively. Every time they stare at the walls, the women think about their head of states who often time demonstrate the same mental handicap that so clearly defines the flaws of the building's structure and the law. They are terrified watching them governing their lives while they are manufacturing the woes of the pauper to bring despair on every street corner.

"These companions of misery feel fully neglected, where they stand in those deserted comers to beg for a pittance that cannot even crush a baby's hunger." A clean saved and fine looking fellow who looks like a well-grounded young intellectual whispers, although he pretends not to be paying any attention to anyone there.

The women turn to look at him and they just laugh afterwards. Like the pauper dream to escape that fate, these dancers wish to have the strength to build a different world for themselves. They know this achievement can allow them the chance to delight in the notion that one is joyful simply by being alive. They want the power to live freely. Their every step divulges the desire to besiege either the trees' subtle breath or the tenderness of the wind to never the less fly away to happiness at ease, where no raucous sound of the abuse that nature is enduring daily can be seen or heard. Their hearts are saddened when everything seems to be lacked in the bar. It does not look like the best of place in terms of the accumulation of any material wealth, yet the dancers usually appear rapturous since they find something that others can grasp only through personal experiences in this secluded nook.

"Nothing seems to work in this goddamn place!" One new comer who seems absolutely ignorant of the place says to himself, and someone gives him the most vicious look of his life.

Every corner of the room reminds the people of stale morning breath, but no one cares about the odor of the atmosphere. The dancing goes on like bursts of giggles at a comedy fest. The people show they have an insatiable thirst to escape the dreary rituals of their lives.

The steps are sometimes wild and at other times the women sway their hips very lightly. They move on tiptoe, and the men dance at a distance, wearing a big smile on their faces. The clamor of shattered bottles disturbs nothing in the bar. There is a young man who sits in the loudest corner. He winks his lashes at a lady sitting juxtapose his table. She half smiles and nods her head. He stops wondering about the expression on her face. He feels puzzled about her simple way of accepting his invitation. With his head, he gestures in the direction of the dance floor. She stretches her arm towards him. He walks to her while looking into her heart through her eyes.

As he reaches, she delicately deposits her fingers upon his palms. He lightly clasps his hand and smoothly pulls her on her feet. They bring the subtlety of romance to the bar. At once, all eyes turn on them to scrutinize their walks, with admiration.

While dancing, the young man sees the beauty of their presence in the stares of the bartender. Not that he is concerned about what the other was thinking; however, his eyes only happen to stray in that particular direction. So, they briefly meet. He turns his head and then her around slowly. She relents as she lifts her feet and lets her body move on her heels. He stands firm and watches her whole coming to him like a goddess yearns to submit her virginity to his passion. A quick smirk just escapes and lands on his cheeks with bliss. He controls her weight with gracious praise. As their intense wondering looks meet, he stirs her arm elegantly, and she responds flirtatiously by thrusting her right foot forward, as if ready for his challenge. He embraces her lower back. They spin each other in turn. Their bodies twirl and her skirt becomes the whirlwind that sweeps the people's stiffness away.

They expose their charms with candor. People follow their every step as if dancing is their profession. Afterwards, they cuddle each other and hold hands like children seeking refuge in the arms of their parents in the middle of the night. She rests her head on his shoulder. Sporadically, her lips drown in the salty flavor of his skin. She closes her eyes. He lowers his head and puts his face above her left ear. His warm breath caresses her ear lobe. Her thoughts become replenished in fantasies that help a woman sees the beauty of a man beyond all sexual appeals. Then, she closes her eyes briefly while delighting in that comforting moment of imagination.

He feels her body starts to shiver in his arms and her hips become enthrall by complete ecstasy, but he does his best not to disturb this memorable instant of hers. He also closes his eyes, hoping to share in the bliss that enriches her lithe frame in his arms. Yet, very slowly, he moves his lower back to meet the rotation of her thighs. He makes sure that their movements are met with passion and the tender sway which allows the imagination to transcend the limitations of this world. Slowly, he realizes her breath is racing and signs of panting moments start to play another song in his left ear. The music terminates when he begins to dream about her dancing alone on the dance floor, and he simply sits near her to admire the grace of the steps that render his heart a prisoner of her elegance. In addition, in his reverie, he sees her lingering beneath his kisses like a fallen star lying upon a verdant bough to be picked with absolute sensuality. Fortunately, he sees more than an angel in this garden of joy waiting to tame his senses when he opens his eyes.

When they again become aware of their whereabouts, they find the crowd leaves them alone to enjoy the serenity and the fortune to be in such a wonderful state, especially a moment that defines the mystery of the night. They inaudibly laugh and return to their previous stations, talking shyly. Their gleeful mood buries their timid treads, and they sit amidst loving whispers. Thenceforth, the man takes his chair and advances it near her. The music once more dies altogether.

Outside, dawn welcomes them with the tickle of the breeze. The young man stiffens his muscles, sucks his breath in, and clutches her as a way to enfold her whole in his warmth. She dazzlingly glances at him, and they walk home silently while venturing into the unpredictable. "The grace of the dance floor," the bartender says and locks the doors behind him.

The young man feels exalted when he wakes up the following day. The room looks desirous. When the woman moves in, she paints the walls with a lively pinkish colour. She places the bed on the right side, near the window: she puts her night tables on each side and the white lamps stand like candles in a sanctuary to bring her serenity. The fluffy carpet comes in the same beige that embellishes the appearance of the bed. The walls are decorated with four tableaux. Each illustrates women dancing and smiling for the sake of simply having a good time. The young man cannot cease to stare at their quintessential smiles that epitomize the perfect mirth which cherubs foster on their cheeks. He covets to share in the secrecy of their reality. He peruses their bodies from heads to toes and stares at the light shoes that commend his full admiration. He concludes the weight is proportional everywhere. He remarks no burden in their deliberate expressions in their body postures. He takes pleasure in exploring the woman's sense of liberality.

Coming from a background, where people are adherents of many ambiguous institutions, he decides to break the chain of ignorance since he always observes a level of oppression that deprives everyone there the ability to live life freely. As he reminisces, he realizes futility is the lock that keeps him in confinement, and he reckons tonight that fate has presented him the greatest opportunity to saw this object of bondage into pieces. Impatience even requires forgetting about the key to unlock this shackle at times. Once it still exists, anyone can lock the chain in the mind again. This time, he needs only to use a seesaw in order to be assured that his thought is on the path to become forever free. Suddenly, he longs the freedom he finds among the women on the dance floor. "Such unfettered world is ethereal in essence," he says, but his friend simply smiles imperceptibly. He perceives and tells her:

"Sometimes one needs not express everything in tongue." She smiles again. The shyness that holds her smile causes her beauty to glitter even brighter amidst the sparkle of her rays. She passionately fondles her hair and puts her head back on the pillow while turning to invite his lips on her bosom. The young man immerses his senses in her desires and inflames her joy, where he feels completely elated while lavishing her body with lines of luscious kisses.

Afterwards, he gets up and walks to the window. He turns to look at her and observes the seeming clouds from ignorance have disappeared with his woes. He realizes the evaporated mist is like the distant oppressive norm that vanishes from his memory:

"You know what? Letting go of the past isn't always easy, but life requires it some time. Don't you think?"

"Of course," she said, "this might be the only way to find freedom in this cumbersome social system."

"My mind is being completely transformed. I don't know what is happening to me now."

"Oh, don't worry. We go through these phases of change all the time."

"That's good then. I never felt anything like that before."

"Welcome to my world. This is pretty common to me." Then, she begins to giggle beneath her breath while going to the washroom.

He feels that his mind is experiencing something great, and the woman helps put his sentiment at ease. She assures nothing is wrong with the way he is feeling from within. She delicately smiles from the corner of her lips while saying that, and he follows suit to let go of his worries as he takes every bit of her advice into consideration. They both light up amidst the sun rays that gleam among them in the room. Instantly, the murky weather losses its power over him. He feels life is more beautiful than all the stories that have ever been told to him from the books of love. Now, he is enjoying at the notion that he is simply alive, and he soon finds strength through his sense of hope to embrace this new beginning that is blooming so fast in his streams.

Somehow, his nostrils begin to bath in the aroma of spring after having cracked the windows a bit. He savours her sugared world with compassion and stretches while sending his gloom to hell. The bar gives him the impression that he has found a newly spawned character, and someone needs to nurture it properly so that it can flourish with the virtue to crush all restraints. At the same time, he does not know upon whom to bestow his praises. He figures the women have contributed a lot to his actual self, and for the first time he ventures to call her name:

"Liberta, I really want to thank you. I had a great time. I feel you have rejuvenated my life."

"Hm, I'm glad to know that I just rock a world!"

"You sure have."

"This dance floor is the wand that twirls our world around. It symbolizes the power of the underground while making inscrutable things happen."

"I avow. It sure does."

"I figure this when I discover the place a few weeks ago."

"Don't wonder why I feel drunk with ecstasy every time I go there."

"The place is a mystery."

"Mysteries are fun things to explore because you can never understand what makes them this way or that way."

"It's true. Come give me a kiss!"

"Oh, this brings the spark of magic."

"What are you saying? I use magic?"

"No, I never meant that. I mean ... a kiss of destiny!"

"What do you mean?"

"O.k. I guess ..."

"Don't guess for too long, for this thought is a mystery!"

"Your mystery is everything I wish to uncover now."

"Hm, bear your thoughts with patience, Darling."

"Yes, I've been doing it all my life, but now I want to experience something new ... something that can help me feel alive, and in your arms it seems that I can discover this world, which I forever long. Even in the far distant past, I still believe this world is desirable. Fortunately, you're helping me to find it with pleasure."

"I'm glad to know this, but you must take your time I think."

"There's no need to wait for something you can have instantly."

"Yes, it seems so, but nothing good can be built in just one day. That's the beauty of wisdom you know."

"Maybe I will find this out one day."

"Hmm." She turns around.

The woman breaths deeply, and the young man simply closes his eyes. Suddenly, the picture of the women on the dance floor reappears in his mind. The fray of their skirts captivates his attention. He internally follows their every move. As their hands ebb to and fro in a rainbow of motion, he realizes there is no limitation in their expression. He enjoys the scene and wishes to record it somewhere so that he can replay it when it is necessary to refresh his memories.

Liberta's uncontrollable morning yawn entices him to open his eyes. Her incessant spasms are a sign of sweet fatigue. She forgets this young man can cut her tail if she tries to handle him on the other dance floor all morning long.

Now her legs are lying almost motionless on the bed, and her body continues to quiver at the thought of him.

"O flamingo! Flamingo! Wandering Bird of the underworld; hum the song of the free. I beg you to let your notes ring in my ears. I promise to dance your melodies until my feet reach where you rest your head. The bar turns him into a fugitive of the world's order."

"This is so beautifully said. What makes you say something like that?" He asks her, but she simply smiles in a way that reveals a woman can read any mind when she finds a connection that sparks her interest, and she hides her attention in the subtle gestures that never the less impels him to submit to her desires.

She imagines these words as she is turning towards him again but never says a word to divulge the power that simply makes her a woman so complete at this stage in her life. He shakes his head and looks at the ceiling. She perceives the creeping smile on his cheeks. Her face begins to turn pale; then, they both stare at each other. Pointing at the paintings he tells her:

"Liberta, this is a beautiful dance floor. I can't stop imagining its power and the effects it's having on me right now."

Her astounded expression vanishes as her eyes follow the motion of his finger. He gets up from bed and goes straight to the washroom. As he returns, she gets up too and totters straight to the stereo. She plays the song that compels her heart to reside in his arms. This flamingo is the serenade that reignites the suppressed craving to live. She has no longer been able to condemn her yearning.

"There is no need to pretend that it isn't crucial to escape everlasting misery on my bed." She says.

"It is a necessity to live and to utterly enjoy the beauty of life. You are privileged to live this way. I'm glad to find myself by your side."

"Is that magic?" she asks him at last.

"No, that's a mystery." The young man responds.

They stare each other straight in the eyes again and laugh at what appears to be so incomprehensible to him. They need no clear answer in order to embrace life and to appreciate the time together. Walking up to him she does not attempt to hide her desires as she has previously confirmed. He throws a kiss at her lips, and she does the same in order to evade her caprice. Then, both become completely lost in the pleasure of the moment.

"Oh, Baby!" A whimper seems to echo in the background, and the window besides them reveals the sun does not only shine in the East.

"Hmm!" He says as he closes his eyes very tightly to swim in the sweetness of her scent.
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