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The DISAM journal of international security assistance management.

The War on Terrorism is impacting the entire community, and Security Cooperation is playing a key role in the successes that we're achieving. Keep up the great work throughout the field!

This Journal's feature article is on the U.S. Coast Guard, an agency that has dramatically changed in its mission focus since September 11th. The U.S. Coast Guard deepwater programs are driving the organization future, involving industry along with our international partners in the effort. Another article follows, outlining the Coast Guard's CONUS international courses, numbering over 400 and including the International Maritime Officers School, along with the training teams that visit over fifty countries, impacting 2,500 students each year.

In an annual occurrence that's highlighted the last eighteen years of DISAM Journal activity, we outline the fiscal year 2002 security assistance legislation, noting the changes within the various programs getting down to country-specific information as we have it.

Variety certainly characterizes this edition; articles extracted from reports and speeches provide a mix of perspective. Comments by Mr. Lincoln P. Bloomfield Jr., Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs, and Mr. Dirk J. Habig, the Defense Cooperation Attache for the Netherlands, highlight the spirit of international cooperation. Business processes also take a major portion of the stage. Lieutenant General Tome H. Walters Jr., Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, outlines the use of Performance Based Costing and Budgeting to better document the successes of security cooperation. Other DSCA authors contribute to the cause with Reinvention Initiatives and the Integrated Process Teams that help set those initiatives in motion.

If logistics or acquisition is your cup of tea: Take a look at Tom Caudill's article (from AFSAC) on "How an ILCO Goes To War" or note the impact of the NATO Codification System in item cataloging and stock numbering (John Zellers' article). The Defense Logistic Agency's (more formally DLIS') fielding of WebLINK international also puts rubber on the road. The value of offsets headlines Lieutenant Colonel William Jones 'contribution to the security cooperation, while pursuing a doctoral degree. Or the ins and outs of the Army Foreign Area Officer program by one of DISAM's own, Major Bob Holzhauer, may be more up your alley.

Training, as always, takes a central role in rounding out Journal coverage - note DIILS' earning their Joint Meritorious Unit Award - good on ya! In addition to "getting the word out" on DISAM's On-Site and MET opportunities, we plug a couple of computer-based issues. First, NETSAFA has done a terrific job in collaborating with the community to develop an IMSO website (being briefed now at the IMSO conferences). Secondly, DISAM has made available its first web-based course - a version of the CONUS Orientation (entitled SAM-OC) - already seeing great applicability to the variety of personnel in the field. If you're an IMSO, sign up now on that new website; and the SAM-OC answers anyone delay in attending a DISAM in-resident course, or provides refresher information if it has been a while since your DISAM experience!

I want to thank "the community "for the exuberant support of the Journal - we are getting a great inflow of articles. You may have noticed the thickness of the last two has increased, as has the variety of the information. You make or break the success of the publication by ensuring the information is both appropriate and timely!


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Publication:DISAM Journal
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Date:Dec 22, 2001
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