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The Cut.

The Cut

   Grooving my precious being
   Eroding my sensuality
   Nothing to say over my body?
   Ignition of pain
   Tormenting my womanhood
   All this for your prestige ... For
   Loops no more, I have my rights.

   Marking my being
   Ushering the best mother
   Tough beings never survived for
   Irrigation was too high
   Leaking from the scar
   Anaemic my body
   Torturing my innocent feelings
   Injuring my childhood
   Overlooking my rights
   No moves! I have my rights.


   Yes you will save my life
   Yes you will change my world
   Yes you will make a better place for me
   Just say yes for the children.

   When you say yes

   Only yes to my education
   Only yes to my rights
   Only yes to my care
   Only yes and protect me from war

   Just say yes for the children.

   When you say yes

   Only your yes will heal the world.
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Title Annotation:Poems
Author:Wanyama, Philomena
Publication:Women Magazine
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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