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The Crow Must Go On went on; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION...

OUR The Crow Must Go On benefit concert finally went on.

Everyone involved in the benefit wants to thank Jay from Koko Gorilaz for allowing the benefit to go ahead, by giving it the use of his venue.

This was the third venue that the organisers had had to find after the first two fell through in the final week before the benefit was to take place.

The benefit was set up in the memory of Gary, Kat, Taz and Caissie, four members of the same family who died in a horrific road accident last summer while they were on holiday in Jamaica.

The accident left his friends and family stunned and they decided to hold the benefit with the proceeds going to remaining family.

Gary in particular was a well-known figure in the alternative music scene. His group 2000 DS had many followers and he was involved for many years in running events at Glastonbury.

A small group of people including Paul Stuart-Torrie and Bronwen from Little Eris spent four months setting up the benefit and originally found a venue at The Coal Exchange, then a second venue at TactileBosch Gallery in Llandaff North.

Then Jay from Koko Gorilaz came to the rescue, offering his performance space to the organisers and in the end The Crow Must Go On went on with people coming from Brighton, Ireland, the North of England and all over the country.

The bands played and everyone partied and Gary and his family were well remembered.

* Fran Rawlings Cardiff


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 3, 2012
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