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The Creaky Traveler in Ireland, Clare, Kerry, and West Cork.

The Creaky Traveler in Ireland, Clare, Kerry, and West Cork

Warren Rovetch

Sentient Publications, LLC

1113 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302 866-588-9846

1591810272 $15.95 292 pages

The second title in the unique 'Creaky Traveler' series, "The Creaky Traveler in Ireland, Clare, Kerry, and West Cork: A Journey for the Mobile but Not Agile" by Warren Rovetch provides unique perspectives for "agility challenged" travelers to Southwestern Ireland. "The Creaky Traveler in Ireland" provides so much more than just another guide to the local sights to see and the Bed and Breakfast places to stay in while traveling through The Irish counties of Clare, Kerry and West Cork. Warren has an exciting eclectic personal background that he draws upon as a rather gifted writer. For example, he has been an economist, a textbook publisher, a creator of an environmental education and conference center on the Columbia River, and a Fullbright Scholar. He has created many projects focused on new approaches to learning and education. He was widely traveled even in his pre-creaky days, so his recent series is an expanding of his experience that is especially appealing to mature adult travelers. You might say he has "been there and done it and got the T-shirt" at least twice. So it is no surprise that "The Creaky Traveler in Ireland" includes wonderful quotations from appropriate Irish literature (translated to English), intimate epiphanies, anecdotes, and other accounts of travel experiences, and humourous musings on the plight of the modern adult traveler and the world traveled, in addition to valuable tips and suggestions about sights to see, walks to take, and places to seek out. "The Creaky Traveler in Ireland" is a treasure trove of information that can be of great worth to both the novice traveler and the Irish locals themselves. The text is further enhanced by a series of handy descriptive maps and a center selection of beautiful color photographs of sites and sights of interest. "The Creaky Traveler in Ireland" is sure to be another success in this on-going series from Sentient Publications, piquing the reader's curiosity, tantalizing same to wonder where the "Creaky Traveler" will voyage to next. Also very highly recommended reading is the first book in this outstanding series by Warren Rovetch: "The Creaky Traveler In The North West Highlands Of Scotland".
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Author:Bethany, Susan
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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