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The Crawl is incurable.

IN response to recent information in your pages can I lay to rest two fallacies that continue to tax those in power.

Firstly, it doesn't matter that the 'Marton Crawl' will be delayed by 30 seconds as a result of new houses being built nearby. It is a 'Crawl' which is incurable.

The road was built in Victorian time to allow the passage of a small number of horse and carts daily. It will never be able to sustain the volume of traffic presently using it, we are lumbered with it forever.

Secondly, I read of the new houses being built in Saltburn, and the fatuous mention of 'Affordable Housing.'.

There is no such thing as 'Affordable Housing' unless you have unlimited funds.

Even if the younger generation can rake together a deposit, they will then be lumbered with the giant millstone of a mortgage for time immemorial. Affordable housing, Marton Crawl? Bah Humbug ! PERCY POTTS, Marton | | | I READ the article in The Gazette (28.11.18) 'Three hundred homes could be built near the Marton Crawl.' Why would anyone think of building anymore houses near a road that has massive problems with traffic? This must be one of the busiest roads in Middlesbrough. The houses on what is known as Scholars Rise are having big problems with traffic parking there. There are also houses getting built on Tennis World, and all of the traffic is causing congestion to a bigger problem. Now, 350 houses does not mean 350 cars, as most have two or three cars per property.

This means a possible six to seven hundred plus vehicles to an already hectic road.

There is also the safety consideration for people crossing the roads. The only other road is Ladgate Lane, which leads on to Ormesby Road, Acklam Road and Cargo Fleet Lane. These lead into the town centre. All of these have their own problems with traffic, maybe not as bad.

I think the Minister of Transport and the Government should look into this.

BILLY CHARLTON, Middlesbrough Thank-you to honest taxi driver I CAME home from the recent Community Champions award in a Boro Cars taxi and 5-10 minutes after the driver left my home, he returned because he had found my mobile phone on the rear seat.

We hear a lot of not-so-nice stories about taxi drivers in Middlesbrough and no doubt some quite justified but I believe in praise when and where it's due.

Thank you for honesty, whoever you were.

CLLR JOAN MCTIGUE, Beechwood & Longlands Ward Isn't it a given that libraries are quiet? I WAS amused, not to say annoyed, by the report in The Gazette (29.11.18) that Middlesbrough Central Library is planning a weekly 'autism hour', in particular the quote that 'a quiet space will be available if needed.'.

Forgive me, but I had always been under the impression that a library was supposed to be a quiet space full stop, but obviously not Middlesbrough library.

Up until a few years ago there was a self-contained downstairs computer suite away from the hullaballoo of the rest of the library but for reasons best known to themselves Middlesbrough Council, with no consultation of regular users, closed it and moved it into the main part of the library where one has to put up with the likes of screaming kids running around. The former computer suite, meanwhile, has been largely unused most of the time.

Yes there is another computer suite upstairs but here headphones are not allowed to be used, and in any case half the time it is closed, either because of private sessions or because the entire reference library is closed for numerous 'events',' including musical ones, which would be more suited to the Town Hall rather than the library.

IAN WILSON, Middlesbrough
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Dec 8, 2018
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