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The Complete Roman Legions.

The Complete Roman Legions. Nigel Pollard and Joanne Berry. Thames & Hudson. [pounds sterling]24.95. 240 pages. ISBN 978-0-500-25183-6. This highly informative book, helped with 212 illustrations (of which 204 are in colour), is a thorough survey of Rome's famous legions. As well as giving a full discussion of the legions' make-up and functions the text is filled with informative facts. This history begins in the fourth century BC and ends in the early fifth century AD. One can argue that without the legions there would have been no Empire and how this came to be is shown in the first part of the text. The second part has 'biographies' of 45 legions for which we have adequate information while the third looks at the later period for which there is less information. This book will serve as a wonderful introduction because the prose is clear and the maps and illustrations are informative and good reminders of the wealth and power that was Rome. (T.B.)

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Publication:Contemporary Review
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Date:Dec 1, 2012
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