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The Complete Patio Book.

Durable and natural, stone paving adds distinctive texture and color to any patio area, working well whether you want a rigid formality or a softer, irregular edge. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes and sizes: precut stone tiles, flagstones (technically, any flat stone that is naturally thin or cleaved from a larger rock), fieldstones, river rocks, and pebbles. Popular tiles include those made from slate, granite, adoquin (a dense volcanic stone), sandstone, and quartzite. The availability of stone types, sizes, and colors depends on your region, and prices will increase with distance from a quarry. Planning help from a new patio book The photographs on this page were taken from The Complete Patio Book (Lane Publishing Co., Menlo Park, Calif., 1990; $10.45), released for sale in May The book guides you through planning an entire outdoor environment, including paving, surrounding gazebos and trellises, and border plantings. In its 144 pages, the book shows numerous outdoor rooms, examines different types of paving materials, and provides a workbook to help you through the design process. Illustrated how-to steps help you start your project. 1-1

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Date:Jun 1, 1990
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