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The Compleat Crabber.

The Compleat Crabber

Christopher R. Reaske

Burford Books

32 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081

158080134X $12.95

Now in a newly revised and streamlined edition of "The Compleat Crab & Lobster Book", Chrstiopher Reaske's The Compleat Crabber provides specialized instruction on catching and preparing the blue crab, a denizen of the eastern waters ranging from the Atlantic waters from Cape Cod down through Florida and the Gulf Coast. Covering diverse methods for catching crabs with nets, handlines and traps, The Compleat Crabbe is enhanced with the natural history of the crab, crab lore and trivia, and a mouth-watering wealth of recipes ranging from Crab Dips, to Crab and Cucumber Sandwiches, Crab and Cheese Fondue, Company Seafood Casserole, Crab Neuberg, and more. The Compleat Crabbe is a "must" for anyone wanting quick and easy instructions for catching and cooking the Blue Crab.
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Author:Lane, Margaret
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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