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The Compact Tractor Bible.

The Compact Tractor Bible

Dr. Graeme R. Quick

Voyageur Press

380 Jackson Street, Suite 200, St. Paul MN 55101-3885

0760323933 $24.95

The small tractor is here defined as under 75 horsepower and there are nearly a hundred brands of compacts offered in North America--with accompanying variations in style and presentation. Any who would use a small tractor will appreciate the clear insights of The Compact Tractor Bible: it surveys power, design, price, and performance levels and offers up everything from safety assessments to operating costs. Color photos and diagrams also cover mowing specifics and operations and use, giving the would-be owner specifics key to understanding the pros and cons of each.
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Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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