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The Coming Gentrification of YouTube.

Marshall McLuhan was wrong: The moderation is the message. That, at least, is the message one gets from reading The New York Times' story about the phenomenon of YouTube radicalization. The piece chronicles how YouTube sent a young man down a rabbit hole of increasingly extremist right-wing videosall the better for YouTube, which kept him clicking, all the worse for society. It ends on the equivocal note that the man has "successfully climbed out of a right-wing YouTube rabbit hole, only to jump into a left-wing YouTube rabbit hole."

Fears around such radicalization have led many to insist that YouTube should go beyond its current policy of only removing extreme content that crosses hard lines of malicious harassment, hate speech, or child endangerment. Felix Salmon in Axios argues for "principles-based" moderation, which would allow for ad hoc and non-precedential takedowns whenever it decides that a particular video is causing "significant harm."

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Author:Auerbach, David
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jun 19, 2019
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