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The Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science.

The Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science was established in 1927 to unite the scientific men and women of the states into an organization for the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge in this mountain area. The first meeting was held November 25-26, 1927, at the University of Wyoming. The Committee of Organization consisted of: Aven Nelson, University of Wyoming; J. D. Heilman, Colorado State Teachers College (now University of Northern Colorado); E. B. Renaud, University of Denver; R. J. Gilmore, Colorado College; L. D. Roberts, Colorado School of Mines; L. W. Durrell, Colorado Agricultural College (now Colorado State University); and Frank E. E. Germann, University of Colorado.

Executive Committee meetings are held semiannually in October and April, preceding the Annual Meeting. Annual meetings are held on a rotational basis at Colorado-Wyoming colleges and universities during which time members present papers, become acquainted with each other, and exchange technical and practical information. Awards granted for outstanding papers presented in the sciences encourage young scientists at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Abstracts of all papers presented by the members at the annual meeting are published in the Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science.

The Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science is proud to support the Junior Academy of Science, which often meets jointly with us at our annual meeting, presenting their own program of research papers. Ali section meetings are open to Juniors as auditors, and we share with them in their annual banquet. In addition, we contribute to the State Science Fairs in Colorado and Wyoming and give special recognition to the State Science Talent Search winners in both states.

The Academy encourages anyone interested in science in its broadest sense to become a member of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science. The annual membership dues are $20.00 for regular members and $10.00 for student members. Five dollars of each sustaining membership ($25.00) supports the Junior Academy. Life membership may be acquired by a one-time payment of $200.00. The fees entitle members to voting privileges at business meetings, to present papers at the annual meeting, to have abstracts of their papers published in the Journal, and to receive copies of all publications and notices of the Academy. Membership application forms may be obtained from the CWAS web page at:
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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