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The Collected Fanzines of Harmony Korine.

The Collected Fanzines of Harmony Korine, produced between 1992 and 1999, half of them co-created with skateboarding legend Mark Gonzalez, provide little insight into the brain behind the films Kids, Gummo, Julien Donkey-Boy and Mister Lonely. Instead the zines are full of absurd celebrity rumors waiting to be started and disturbing half-stories. "There's something interesting about being conflicted, about feeling guilty about laughing," Korine says. While much of the compilation has the appeal of two friends sitting on the floor trying to make each other laugh, scrawling things like, "RiCHEARD GEAR SEAiD FUCK TABET," other pages are distinctly Korine, like long histories of sexual abuse printed alongside photocopies of photos of tornado destruction in Ohio. Why the juxtaposition? "Some things just feel right," he says. Like most of Korine's most interesting work, Fanzines is a willfully mixed bag--clever ideas and purposefully inflammatory bullshit.



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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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