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The Closet Devil.

The Closet Devil

Anthony Pour

Hudson Books

244 Madison Avenue, #254, New York, NY 10016

0974986011 $19.50 1-877-822-2504

The Closet Devil: 13 Devils In The Old Familiar Places is an anthology of short stories by Anthony Pour, an acknowledged master of macbre fantasy deftly told with a keen sense of dark humor. People say "the Devil made me do it" but no one ever applauds the Devil for his tireless work. Life is not fair, it simply is what it is, and according to The Closet Devil, the Devil himself is just doing his job--nothing personal, it's just what he does best. The thirteen tales are meant to follow the Devil's influence from the Date Line into the setting sun, and his relationship especially with the working men and women who struggle to make ends meet without complaints or whining. An evilly engrossing collection, that will leave the reader rethinking basic assumptions about human nature.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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