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The Clay Lovers Guide to Making Molds.

The Clay Lovers Guide to Making Molds. Peirce Clayton. Asheville NC: Lark Books (800-284-3388), 1998. Illus., 128 pp., hardcover, $24.95.

Although the author is a professional production potter, this book will be of value to any individual with an interest in ceramic pottery or sculpture. The ideas and processes described and illustrated go far beyond the technical manual level in encouraging the clay lover who has never worked with molds to explore and exploit the many imaginative opportunities that clay molds can present. Color photos show a superb collection of works by ceramicists from throughout North America. Black-and-white photos offer close-up views of techniques and processes. While all of the works shown were made from molds, the individual's use of altering, extending, surface modulation, and glaze application offer no hint of mold production. The outcomes should whet the creative appetite of all who have or would work in clay. Beginning with simple one-piece press, hump and slump molds and moving though multipiece slip-casting molds, the author suggests numerous project ideas that could be explored individually or adapted for high school or college ceramic classes. Work space recommendations, tool and supply suggestions, information, and valuable procedural tips about working with clay, plaster, and clay slip also will be of value to teachers and potters alike. A concluding chapter focuses on works created by artists-in-residence in the Arts/Industry Program at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where artists create new ceramic forms within the context of large industrial pottery.
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Author:Marantz, Ken
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1998
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