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Articles from The Classical Quarterly (January 1, 1998)

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"Nam unguentum dabo": Catullus 13 and Servius' note on Phaon ('Aeneid' 3.279). Kilpatrick, Ross S. 1503
"Time" and "arete" in Homer. Finkelberg, Margalit 9829
'Hebdomades' ('binae'?). Harrison, S.J. 2853
An early reference to perfect numbers? Some notes on Euphorion, 'SH' 417. Lightfoot, J.L. 5097
Another chapter in the history of scholia. McNamee, Kathleen 10954
Doubts about other minds and the science of physiognomics. Tsouna, Voula 7381
Eros in government: Zeno and the virtuous city. Boys-Stones, George 4712
How many books did Diodorus Siculus originally intend to write? Rubincam, Catherine 3257
Juvenal, the 'Phaedrus,' and the truth about Rome. Hardie, Alex 11623
Love and death: Laodamia and Protesilaus in Catullus, Propertius, and others. Lyne, R.O.A.M. 8643
Notes on Pseudo-Plutarch's 'Life' of Antiphon. Edwards, Michael J. 6714
P. Sulpicius' law to recall exiles, 88 B.C. Lewis, R.G. 3400
Phrynichus fr. 27 K-A: a pun. Boo, E.L. de 521
Problems of text and interpretation in Statius, 'Thebaid' 1-6. Eden, P.T. 2114
Salpe's PAIGNIA: Athenaeus 322A and Plin. 'H.N.' 28.38. Bain, David 4634
Socrates' last words: another look at an ancient riddle. Crooks, J. 5765
Studies in the later manuscript tradition of Aristophanes' 'Peace.' Olson, S. Douglas 7216
Telestes and the 'five-rodded joining of strings.' Barker, Andrew 4612
The "crimen maiestatis" under Caligula: the evidence of Dio Cassius. Keaveney, Arthur; Madden, John A. 3005
The chronology of Nicomachus of Gerasa. Criddle, A.H. 1622
The Hippocratic treatise 'On Anatomy.' Craik, E.M. 19872
The historical reader of Plato's 'Protagoras.' Wolfsdorf, D. 4683
The Homeric poems as oral dictated texts. Janko, Richard 8122
The hoopoe's nest: Aristophanes, 'Birds' 265-6. Craik, E.M. 1294
The lark ascending: 'Corydon, Corydon' (Vergil, Ecl. 7.70). Harrison, S.J. 803
The shape of Athenian laws. Carey, Christopher 10042
The social function of Attic tragedy. Griffin, Jasper 15893
The test of 'Iliad' 18.603-6 and the presence of an AOIDOS on the shield of Achilles. Revermann, Martin 5999
Three cruces in Juvenal. Hendry, Michael 6394
Thucydides 3.12.3. Winton, R.I. 2516
Thucydides' Nicias and Homer's Agamemnon. Zadorojnyi, A.V. 3145
Two adynata in Horace, 'Epode' 16. Hollis, A.S. 1418
Two notes on Greek dithyrambic poetry. Horndern, J.H. 1705
Violets and violence: two notes. Jacobson, Howard 792
Virgil's third 'Eclogue': how do you keep an idiot in suspense? Henderson, John 10848
Was Kerkyra a member of the Second Athenian League? Fauber, C.M. 4522

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