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Articles from The Classical Quarterly (July 1, 1997)

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'Amores' 2.1.7-8: a programmatic allusion by anagram. Califf, D.J. 943
'Me autem nomine appellabat': avoidance of Cicero's name in his dialogues. Dickey, Eleanor 2986
A ban on public bars in Thasos? Davidson, James 2374
A conjecture on Ovid, 'Metamorphoses' 4.243. Harrison, S.J. 623
A new fragment on Niobe and the text of Propertius 2.20.8. Hollis, A.S. 3054
A note on Aeschylus, 'Agamemnon' 403-5, 420-2. Gannon, Joseph F. 3348
A note on Euripides, 'Hecuba' 1054F. Korenjak, Martin 240
A note on Propertius 1.10.3: 'iucunda voluptas.' Arnold, P.J. 905
An allusion to the Kaisereid in Tacitus 'Annals' 1.42? Wardle, D. 2595
An interpolated line of Terence at Cicero, 'De Finibus' 2.14. Brown, P.G. McC. 936
Antiphanes Fr. 46 K-A and the problem of Spartan moustaches. Millis, B.W. 2153
Erotic undertones in the language of Clytemnestra. Pulleyn, Simon 1735
Euripides, 'Phoenissae' 1567-1578. Cropp, Martin 2979
Fragments of lost Hippocratic writings in Galen's glossary. Salazar, C.F. 2400
Friendship, politics, and literature in Catullus: poems 1, 65 and 66, 116. Tatum, W. Jeffrey 12262
How the dithyramb got its shape. D'Angour, Armand 13346
Interpreting Plato's dialogues. Corlett, J. Angelo 9280
Levels of explanation in Galen. Singer, P.N. 12423
Libanius on Constantine again. Malosse, Pierre-Louis 3626
Lysias III and Athenian beliefs about revenge. Harris, W.V. 2393
Ovid, 'Heroides' 6.1-2. Leigh, Matthew 1494
Phaidra's 'aidos' again. Craik, E.M. 1424
Posidonius and the 'Timaeus': off to Rhodes and back to Plato? Reydams-Schils, Gretchen 14077
Proba's introduction to her cento. Green, R.P.H. 7582
Recollection and self-understanding in the 'Phaedo.' (Plato) Robins, I.N. 9297
Rhetoric and history in (Andocides) 4, 'Against Alcibiades.' Gribble, David 17057
Romans and pirates in a late Hellenistic oracle from Pamphylia. De Souza, Philip 2893
Saving the phainomena: a note on Aristotle's definition of anger. Harris, W.V. 1351
The date and purpose of the Pseudo-Xenophon Constitution of Athens. Mattingly, Harold B. 4175
The position of Gallus in 'Eclogue' 6. Woodman, A.J. 2367
The private banks in fourth-century B.C. Athens: a reappraisal. Shipton, Kirsty M.W. 17787
The scansion of 'Pharsalia' (Catullus 64.37; Statius 'Achilleid' 1.152; Calpurnius Siculus 4.101) Heslin, P.J. 3223
The senate, the courts and the, and the 'SC de Cn. Pisone patre.' (Roman history) Richardson, J.S. 5531
Themistokles and Ephialtes. Lewis, R.G. Chronology 3360
Three Propertian puns. Hendry, Michael 2984
Verse transpositions in Tibullus. Gunther, H.-C. 6095

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