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Articles from The Classical Quarterly (July 1, 1996)

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'Diiudicatio Locorum': Gellius and the history of a mode in ancient comparative criticism. Vardi, Amiel D. 15402
'Marcellinus'' 'Life' of Thucydides: criticism and criteria in the biographical tradition. Maitland, Judith Biography 12465
'The golden age is proclaimed'? The 'Carmen Saeculare' and the renascence of the golden race. Barker, Duncan 7843
(Ethnos) and (genos) in Herodotus. Jones, C.P. 3783
A further allusion in the 'Eumenides' to the Panathenaia. Weaver, Benjamin H. 1568
A note on Catullus 63.5. Currie, Bruno 1503
A note on pseudo-Xenophon, 'The Constitution of the Athenians' 1.11. Bechtle, Gerald 1649
Ammianus Marcellinus 15.13.1-2: some observations on the career and bilingualism of Strategius Musonianus. Drijvers, Jan Willem Biography 3445
An emendation in Porphyry's commentary on Ptolemy's 'Harmonics.' Olson, S. Douglas; Sluiter, Ineke 399
Aristotle's knowledge of Athenian oratory. Trevett, J.C. 5851
Dio of Prusa and the Flavian dynasty. Sidebottom, Harry Biography 3226
Euripides, 'Phoenissae' 64f. Kerhecker, Arnd 3587
Hipponicus' trapeza: humour in Andocides 1.130-1. Cox, Cheryl Anne 2001
Hirtius and the 'Bellum Alexandrinum.' Hall, Lindsay G.H. 2900
History as lunch: Aristophanes, 'Knights' 810-19. Marr, John 1715
How to avoid being a 'komodoumenos.'(comic satire subject) Sommerstein, Alan H. 16893
Image and ritual: reflections on the religious appreciation of classical art. Elsner, John 11276
Mythological incest: Catullus 88. Harrison, S.J. 494
On the construction of the 'Syracusia' (Athenaeus V.207-A-B). Meijer, Fik; Sleeswyk, Andre Wegener 2388
Plutarch, 'de Stoicorum repugnantiis' 1048DE. Boys-Stones, G. 2801
Propertius 3.7.1-12. Orlebeke, Alison 8200
Punishment and the physiology of the 'Timaeus.' Stalley, R.F. 9924
Revisiting Evander at 'Aeneid' 8.363. Rees, Roger 1885
Statius and insomnia: allusion and meaning in 'Silvae' 5.4. Gibson, B.J. 11493
The 'integri' of Cicero's 'Topica.' Winterbottom, Michael 4482
The actions of Philip II in 347 and 346 B.C.: a reply to N.G.L. Hammond. Buckler, John Biography 4461
The fragments of Furius Antias. Batstone, W.W. 10278
Themistocles' speech before Salamis: the interpretation of Herodotus 8.83.1. Graham, A.J. 3958
Two conjectures in Horace, 'Odes.' Jacobson, Howard 880
Two problems in Martial. Watson, P.; Watson, L. 3361
Virgil, 'Aeneid' 5.835-6. Sansone, David 3382
Writing, copying, and autograph manuscripts in ancient Rome. McDonnell, Myles 15723

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