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Articles from The Classical Quarterly (July 1, 1995)

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'Gaudia nostra': a hexameter-ending in elegy. Holmes, Nigel 1949
A note on Ovid, 'Metamorphoses' 11.48. Griffin, Alan H.F. 624
Alcibiades at Sparta: Aristophanes 'Birds.' Vickers, Michael 11453
Appollonius Dyscolus and the ambiguity of ambiguity. Atherton, Catherine 23410
Barrier and transcendence: the door and the eagle in 'Iliad' 24.314-21. Anhalt, Emily Katz 10442
Black bronze and the 'Corinthian alloy.' Jacobson, D.M.; Weitzman, M.P. 2273
Catullus 1.5-7. Gibson, B.J. 2648
Diodorus Siculus and Hephaestion's pyre. McKechnie, Paul 10317
Discordia taetra: appendix. Harrison, S.J. Correction Notice 390
Does Protagoras refute himself? Chappell, T.D.J. 3686
Don't try this at home: Pliny's Salpe, Salpe's 'Paignia' and magic. Davidson, James M. 1669
Family ties: significant patronymics in Euripides' 'Andromache.' Phillippo, Susanna 9645
From Pittacus to Byzantium: the history of a Callimachean epigram. Livrea, Enrico 4879
Greek love at Rome. Williams, Craig A. 17788
Horace's voladictory: 'Carm.' 2.20. Jacobson, Howard 1140
Kar(is) Brit(tius): a reinterpretation of Vetter No. 112. Lomas, Kathryn 2413
Medea's response to Catullus: Ovid, 'Heroides' 12.23-4 and Catullus 76.1-6. Bessone, Federica 2596
Notes on Ovid's 'Tristia.' Ritchie, A.L. 2249
Pliny the Elder on the making of papyrus paper. Dimarogonas, Andrew D. 1107
Proba's cento: its date, purpose, and reception. Green, R.P.H. 8368
Ptolemy Soter's annexation of Syria 320 B.C. Wheatley, Pat 4945
Rape and adultery in Athenian law. Carey, C. 7424
Rhythm, style, and meaning in Cicero's prose. Hutchinson, G.O. 9335
Rouge and crocodile dung: notes on Ovid, 'Ars' 3.199-200 and 269-70. Hendry, Michael 3343
Self-movers and unmoved movers in Aristotle's Physics VII. Olshewsky, Thomas M. 12315
Sharing out land: two passages in the 'Corpus Agrimensorum Romanorum.' Campbell, J.B. 4528
The 'Iliad,' the 'Odyssey' and their audiences. Dalby, Andrew 7574
The communism of property: a note on Aristotle, 'Politics' 1263a8-15. Mayhew, Robert 1639
The date of Pindar's fifth 'Nemean' and Bacchylides' thirteenth ode. Pfeijffer, Ilja Leonard 9661
The interrogation of Meletus: 'Apology' 24c4-28a1. Smith, Lynette Reid 12408
The new passage of Tiberius Claudius Donatus. Harrison, S.J.; Winterbottom, M. 1571
The wisdom of Thales and the problem of the word 'iepos.' Clarke, Michael 16909
Tragic irony in Ovid, 'Heroides' 9 and 11. Casali, Sergio 3675
Two passages in pseudo-Xenophon. Brock, Roger; Heath, Malcolm 2025

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