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Articles from The Classical Quarterly (January 1, 1995)

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'Fabulae praetextae' in context: when were plays on contemporary subjects performed in Republican Rome? Flower, Harriett J. 13597
A new fragment of Posidonius? Nutton, Vivian 1816
A note on Polybius 24.14.8-9. Beagon, Phillip 2422
A punning reminiscence of Vergil, Ecl. 10.75-7 in Horace, Epist. 1.5.28-9. Langslow, D.R. 3036
A rediscovered text on Porphyry on mystic formulae. Callanan, C.K. 9663
A sign of a new speaker in Plautus and Terence? Kershaw, Allan 933
A trireme for hire (IS. 11.48). Casson, Lionel 2879
Agamemnon's apology and the unity of the 'Iliad.' Davies, Malcolm 5020
Aristophanes, 'Lysistrata' 231. Forrest, W.G. 983
Cleombrotus of Ambracia: interpretations of a suicide from Callimachus to Agathias. Williams, G.D. 10112
Connotations of 'Macedonia' and of 'Macedones' until 323 B.C. Hammond, N.G.L. 5514
Deceptive readings: poetry and its value reconsidered. Von Reden, Sitta 12555
Doors and perspective in Choe. Whallon, William 2596
Early Greek tyranny and the people. Cawkwell, G.L. 9410
Horace's epistle to Torquatus. Eidinow, J.S.C. 5155
Incest and ridicule in the 'Poenulus' of Plautus. Franko, George F. 1448
Lucretius, 4.420-25. Dyson, Michael 2534
Menexenus - son of Socrates. Dean-Jones, Lesley 4297
Notes on air: four questions of meaning in Empedocles and Anaxagoras. Kingsley, Peter 2540
Ovid's use of Lucretius in 'Metamorphoses.' Wheeler, S.M. 2453
Pausanias and the historiography of classical Sparta. Meadows, A.R. 13630
Polus, Plato, and Aristotle. Renehan, R. 3049
Pour encourager les autres: Athens and Egesta encore. Henry, Alan 1789
Quintus Fabius Maximus and the Dyme affair (Syll. 684). Kallet-Marx, Robert M. 16112
The archaia moira: a suggestion. Lazenby, J.F. 2810
The fate of the 'magister equitum' Marcellus. Woods, David 1619
The Furies in Choe. and Ag. Whallon, William 1318
The O.C.T. 'De Officiis': a postscript. Winterbottom, Michael 679
The praetorship and consular candidacy of L. Rupilius. Ryan, F.X. 1042
The sea of love. Murgatroyd, P. 8989
The speech of Pythagoras in Ovid 'Metamorphoses' 15: Empedoclean epos. Hardie, P. 6766
The witness's exomosia in the Athenian courts. Carey, C. 3452
Thrasymachus and the thumos: a further case of prolepsis in 'Republic I.' (Greek concepts of the spirit) Wilson, J.R.S. 6156

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