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The City of Minot, North Dakota.

The City of Minot, North Dakota is the recipient of $600,000 in Brownfields grant funds which will be used to assess and clean up properties downtown, including areas affected by the flooding of the Souris River in 2011.

The City of Minot is receiving a total of $600,000 in EPA Brownfields funds, including a $200,000 area-wide planning grant and $400,000 for the assessment of properties with hazardous substances and petroleum contamination. The planning grant will be used by the City to evaluate existing and flood-deposited contamination and prioritize the cleanup and redevelopment of hundreds of acres encompassing the Burdick Expressway, an active railroad corridor, and properties adjacent to the Souris River.

Assessment funds will be used to assess contamination at more than 25 sites and to prepare a comprehensive inventory which will be used to advance redevelopment, including new housing, and prioritize future cleanup needs.

Collectively, these EPA resources will help advance goals outlined in the community's "Imagine Minot" plan and the City's Flood Recovery Plan. Grant funds will be used to assess a 36-block downtown redevelopment area and areas adjacent to the Souris River affected by severe flooding in 2011. Plans include the development of low and moderate-income housing, new commercial space, sustainable mixeduse developments, and parks.

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Publication:Hazardous Waste Superfund Alert
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Date:May 10, 2013
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