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The Christmas Stories.

Charles Dickens. 1850/2000. Read by Robert Whitfield. 3, 1.5 hour tapes. Blackstone Audio. #2885. 0-7861-2125-4. $26.95. Vinyl; content, author notes. JSA

Written during the 1850s, these stories portray the richness and traditions of a bygone era. Although he is writing fiction, Dickens reveals autobiographical glimpses of his own upbringing as well as his imaginative insight while delving into the real meaning of Christmas. Younger listeners may need to research a few outdated terms for clarification, but the overall message is clear and should provoke thoughtful reflection. The reader effectively creates a tone that delights the ear and enhances the sterling narration. Sunnie Grant, Alton, NH
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Author:Grant, Sunnie
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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