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The Chill Manual, the Design, Development and Operation of Major Cook-Chill Systems, part 3, Operations.

The Chill Manual, the Design, Development and Operation of Major Cook-Chill Systems

by Richard North. Part 3 completes this trilogy of texts that cover a subject that has been much in the news in recent months. Its section titles read: Operational routines; Monitoring procedures; Cleaning and maintenance; Management and personnel; Troubleshooting; Health and safety; and Reviewing the operation.

The reader will immediately understand that each section looks at some specific aspect of the business. It is easy to say that it as it should be but here we have rather nicely descriptive titles to the various sections. The author makes it quite clear that there is a right way of running cook-chill systems and there is a reason for so doing. Nowadays, we even more concerned with legal formalities which is why there is a section on health and safety. The whole concept of cook-chill involves many scientific disciplines which is why it needs close study.

The text ie typewriter set and has been written in a very concise manner and he has cut through the jargon that tends to grow up around each subject area. Care is perhaps his over-riding message because hygiene is of critical importance but this is made quite clear in the text.
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Date:Oct 1, 1989
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