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The Child With Autism At Home.

The Child With Autism At Home

Kathy Labosh

Labosh Publishing

PO Box 588, East Petersburg, PA 17520-0588

Even Management Services (publicity)

1127 Grove Street, Clearwater, FL 33755

0974434124 $6.00

As the mother of two autistic boys, Kathy Labosh draws upon her experience and hard-earned expertise to write The Child With Autism At Home: The Home-Life Guide which is a succinct compilation of 350 tips for parenting an autistic child in every area of the home environment including the attic, master bedroom, child's bedroom, "the corner", the family room, playroom, music room, kitchen, study, bathroom, broom closet, even the front and back doors. Also very highly recommended for parents and care-givers of autistic children are Kathy Labosh's other two user friendly "how to" instructional guidebooks: The Child With Autism Goes To Town (0974434116, $5.00) which offers practical tips and helps for taking an autistic child to the playground, fast food restaurant, the mall, the barbershop, grocery stores, movie theaters, church, an amusement park, sporting events, the pharmacy, the hospital, the library, to see a doctor or a dentist, and various kinds of gatherings. The Child With Autism Goest To Florida (0974434132, $9.95) specifically addresses taking an autistic child to Central Florida's theme parks, resorts and rides and includes advice and tips for travel web searches, tickets, resort safety, "lost children", Universal Studies, Magic Kingdom, Disney-MGM Studies, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, "Islands of Adventure", fireworks shows, and travel resources. Each of these three unique, practical, "parent friendly" guides will prove simply invaluable for parents with autistic children at home, in the community, or on a special Florida-based vacation.
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Title Annotation:The Child With Autism At Home: The Home-Life Guide; The Child With Autism Goes To Town; The Child With Autism Goest To Florida
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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