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The Central Office of Repertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM).

The Central Office of Repertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) in Frankfurt, Germany, is pleased to announce the release of Muscat, its specialized program to catalog musical sources. Muscat is a multilingual, open-source, Web-based system used by RISM contributors worldwide. Muscat was developed by the RISM Central Office in cooperation with RISM Switzerland, and is based on a program that was originally developed by RISM Switzerland and RISM UK.

Muscat, which replaces the previous program Kallisto, is available free of charge to RISM's national groups and other contributors. The program features an intuitive interface, is available in four languages, has version control, lets users leave comments on records for other users, can import data from the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF), and has a custom-built module to display incipits. Muscat uses MARC21, and thus has an internationally widespread and standardized data model at its core. For the first time, RISM has full control over a cataloging program that continues to be further developed and improved.

In cooperation with the US RISM Office, the RISM Central Office is coordinating access to Muscat. Music librarians are welcome to request a Muscat account in order to update their RISM holdings or correct mistakes, add their holdings to printed music, or add new records for music manuscripts (any time period), printed music (generally through the nineteenth century), librettos, and treatises. In addition, musicologists working on projects such as catalogs of works or other source-based studies are encouraged to use Muscat for their work. RISM also welcomes new RISM contributors. Training is provided to everyone. For more information, a demonstration, or test access, please contact the RISM Central Office at

Jennifer A. Ward

Repertoire International ties Sources Musicales

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Date:Jun 1, 2017
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