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The Center for Morton's Neuroma Opens to Treat Patients' Suffering.

Framingham, MA, August 18, 2014 --( The Center for Morton's neuroma opened early this year to offer comprehensive and specialized treatment to patients suffering from Morton's neuroma. It is located at 1094 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01702. It is a specialized concierge center, which works together with the Complete Pain Care to offer those who are suffering from Morton's neuroma a “one stop” comprehensive treatment center.

In keeping with their mission, The Centre for Morton's Neuroma staff is dedicated to working with patients in a supportive and friendly environment to develop a treatment plan tailored to their particular needs. Under the leadership of Janet D. Pearl, M.D., M.Sc. the center utilizes an integrated, multidisciplinary team approach that facilitates superior care by drawing on the expertise of numerous highly trained professionals in a variety of disciplines.

Having been a victim of Morton's neuroma, one of The Centre for Morton's Neuroma founders, Dr. Mark Pearl, clearly understands where the shoe pinches, literally. Years of dedication to find a cure for his condition resulted with his Morton's neuroma being completely treated. The desire to help others who are suffering from this condition made him convince his wife to start the center, which provides treatment to patients who are suffering from this condition.

There are many patients who may have this condition but may not know that the cause of their pain is Morton's neuroma. A person with Morton's neuroma feels as if walking around with a small stone in his or her shoe or something poking at the ball of the foot. Morton's neuroma can also result in pain even severe pain, where an individual experiences difficulty while walking, running or just functioning. When not treated, Morton's neuroma can cause changes in the patient's posture, mood and general activity level.

Despite being called a “neuroma,” Morton's neuroma is not a type of a cancer; it is a thickening of tissue surrounding a nerve that leads to the toes. Basically it is not an indication of any serious problem of the foot but it is something, which is common and should be easily treatable. That is what The Centre for Morton's Neuroma is offering -an effective treatment to a condition, which can make walking as well as daily exercise nearly impossible.

“Our philosophy is to treat your Morton's neuroma with the most appropriate non-surgical treatment for you and only resort to surgery as a last option,” says Dr. Janet Pearl, the Medical Director. Morton's neuroma surgery can have a long and unpleasant recovery period and may even result in increased pain. The Centre for Morton's Neuroma the only center (probably) to provide such a wide spectrum of treatment possibilities dedicated to treat Morton's neuroma. This allows them to tailor treatment specifically to a particular patient. They consider each patient's previous treatments and current needs as well as all the options available to create the optimal individual treatment plan. The treatment plan may include such things as ultrasound guided radiofrequency ablation, ultrasound guided cyo ablation, ultrasound guided sclerosing injections, custom or pre made medical grade orthotics and physical therapy among other options.

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Date:Aug 18, 2014
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