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The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL). (News From Sponsoring Organizations).

The Center for Applied Linguistics is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes and improves the teaching and learning of languages, identifies and solves problems related to language and culture, and serves as a resource for information about language and culture. CAL carries out a wide range of activities in the fields of English as a second language, foreign languages, cultural education, and linguistics. These activities include research, teacher education, information dissemination, instructional design, conference planning, technical assistance, program evaluation, and policy analysis. Publications include books on language education, online databases of language programs and assessments, curricula, research reports, teacher training materials, and print and online newsletters. Major CAL projects include the following:

* ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics

* National Clearinghouse for ESL Literacy Education

* The Cultural Orientation Resource Center

* Pre-K-12 School Services

CAL collaborates with other language education organizations on the following projects:

* Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence

* Improving Foreign Languages in the Schools Project of the Northeast and Island Regional Laboratory at Brown University

* National Capitol Language Resource Center

* National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center

* National Network for Early Language Learning

News from the ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics

* ERIC/CLL Resource Guides Online provide links to relevant resources on various topics in second language teaching and learning. Two new Resource Guides Online have recently been added to the ERIC/CLL Web site: Less Commonly Taught Languages and Teaching Language Through Content.

* ERIC/CLL Digests cover a range of topics in ESL, foreign language, and bilingual education. Our most recent Digests include Tapping a National Resource: Heritage Languages in the United States, Selecting Materials to Teach Spanish to Spanish Speakers, Impact of Two-Way Immersion on Students' Attitudes Toward School and College, and The Role of Metacognition in Second Language Teaching and Learning.

* The newest book in ERIC/CLL's Professional Practice series is English Language Learners With Special Education Needs: Identification, Placement, and Instruction, edited by Alfredo J. Artiles and Alba Ortiz. This book describes the challenges involved in identifying and placing English language learners with special needs and describes model programs and instructional methods that have been successful in helping English language learners with special needs meet their full potential.

* Heritage Languages in America: Preserving a National Resource, edited by Joy Kreeft Peyton, Donald A. Ranard, and Scott McGinnis is the latest in ERIC/CLL's Language in Education series. This book describes the population of heritage language speakers in the United States and outlines what needs to be done to preserve this important language resource.

News from the National Center for ESL Literacy Education

* A new Annotated Bibilography is available from NCLE: Research on Reading Development of Adult English Language Learners

* The newest edition of NCLE's newsletter, NCLENotes, focuses on health literacy for adult English language learners.

* NCLE has also recently published several additional resources on Addressing Health Literacy in Adult ESL, including an ERIC Q&A, an annotated bibliography, and instructional activities.
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL).
The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL).

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