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The Caspian Sea - US/EU Promoting Energy Corridor; Russia & Iran Are Opposed.

For many years, the US and EU have proposed construction of oil and gas pipelines under the Caspian to link Central Asian reserves to Europe via Azerbaijan and Turkey, by-passing Russia and Iran. But Moscow and Tehran remain strongly opposed to such projects, arguing the sea-bed is too un-stable for pipelines and the environmental dangers to the region are too high for the five littoral states to contain. Yet behind their stands lie geo-strategic goals.

The US is trying to prevent Tehran from developing atomic bombs and to curb its regional ambitions as the Iran's Safawi Shi'ite theocracy is accused of seeking to revive a Persian empire which controlled much of the GME (see fap1RacialWars7Jul-14). Moscow has since been warning that the un-determined borders of the Caspian Sea would be a stumbling bloc for trans-Caspian pipeline projects.

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Publication:APS Review Downstream Trends
Geographic Code:7IRAN
Date:Jul 4, 2016
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