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The Cartoon Guide series.

The Cartoon Guide series

Leo A. Sielsch


$16.95 each

Three humorous "Cartoon Guide" books by Leo A. Sielsch pair accessible terminology definitions with black-and-white cartoons, and make excellent, educational browsing for young adult and adult readers of all backgrounds. Each guide essentially functions as an enhanced vocabulary resource; the reader is presumed to already have basic familiarity with the most fundamental rules of the sport or institution. "The Cartoon Guide to Baseball" (9781467599924, illustrations by Blaine Wood) teaches readers about baseball terms and concepts in an amusing quiz style different cartoon characters offer their opinions on what an idiom reads, and the reader must turn the page to learn which one was correct. "... the term 'jake' means one who stalls and was originated from Garland 'Jake' Stahl, who caught and played first and managed American League teams during the early 1900's." The Cartoon Guide to Golf' (9781467584647, illustrations by Gene Forester) uses a similar format to teach the reader about common phrases and concepts in the sport of golf. "The term scratch, meaning a player with a zero handicap, originated from the practice of providing an artificial advantage (ahead of the formal scratched start line of a race) to inferior runners and later became the name for those golfers who started at the scratch line (no advantage)." "The Cartoon Guide to Politics" (9781467584630, illustrations by Blaine Wood) explores complex, counterintuitive conundrums of political terminology. "Nimby is an acronym and stands for 'not in my back yard.'" All three Cartoon Guides are as enjoyable as they are edifying, and highly recommended.

Clint Travis


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Author:Travis, Clint
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Date:Oct 1, 2015
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