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The Campaign to Get Forgotten Batman Creator Bill Finger His Due (And a Google Doodle).

In 2012, I called Bill the Boy Wonder, by Marc Tyler Nobleman, one of the year's best Jewish children's books. And it is! The book is about the essential role of a writer named Bill Finger in the creation of Batman. Nobleman lays out the way Finger came up with Batman's and Robin's origin stories, gave Bruce Wayne his name, gave Batman his cape and hood, named Gotham City, wrote the first comic and much more.

But you've probably never heard of him. Bob Kane, the man the world considers Batman's creator, suppressed information about Finger's integral role. (As the blog Comics Alliance put it, "When it comes to the greatest supervillain in Batman's history, the Joker is a distant second behind Bob Kane.")

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Author:Ingall, Marjorie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jan 29, 2014
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