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The Cambridge Companion to the Bible. Bruce Chilton.

The Cambridge Companion to the Bible. Bruce Chilton, general editor. Cambridge University Press. [pounds sterling]22.99 (US $34.99) x + 724 pages. ISBN 978-0-521-86997-3. This is a second edition to a title first published in 1997, which was itself republished several times. The new version was edited by a team of one British and four US scholars. As Prof. Chilton writes, the new edition revises and updates the 'brilliant investigations developed in the first edition'. The new edition emphasises the social milieus in which the traditions that became Scripture arose and warns readers of the difficulties involved with archaeological work in the Holy Land. The editors have also used new electronic skills to improve the quality of illustrations of which 107 photographs are new. The book's three parts deal with the world of the Old Testament, Jewish responses to Greek and Roman cultures from 322 BC to AD 200 and the formation of the early Church. As this is a US title one has the rather silly usages of 'Hebrew Bible' for Old Testament and the BCE/CE for BC and AD. (J.M.)
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Date:Jun 22, 2008
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