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The Calm Baby Cookbook.

The Calm Baby Cookbook

Melanie Beingessner

Heartlights Publishing

6128-4th Street NE, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2K 1K3

0973945508 $14.95

The Calm Baby Cookbook was published to help new mothers who are having difficulty calming their babies when the infants continue to cry on a long-term basis. What many new mothers do not realize is that a fussy baby may simply be reacting to something that she or he are eating, and by simply changing their diet on a short-term basis, a fussy baby can be calmed dramatically. What a breast-nursing mother eats and drinks ends up in her breast milk. Because the lining of a newborn's intestines are quite porous for the first four months of life, a baby can have difficulties digesting certain foods. There are approximately ten different foods that consistently cause a baby discomfort and by eliminating them from her own diet, a breastfeeding mother can discover that her baby will usually stop fussing and crying within a week. Thoroughly "user friendly", The Calm Baby Cookbook will prove a simple godsend for parents driven to distraction by a cranky, screaming, crying, distressed newborn during those critically important first few months of life.
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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