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Regarding antibiotic prescription in children admitted to the emergency wards in Maputo

1. Malaria was the most common reason for antibiotic usage.

2. Ampicillin was the most commonly used antibiotic.

Regarding motor impairment in children with cerebral palsy in Nigeria

3. A quarter of patients with spastic quadriplegia were ambulatory.

4. Spastic diplegia was more commonly associated with prematurity than spastic quadriplegia.

Regarding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN)

5. The majority of parents interviewed had a practical understanding of available treatments for ASD.

6. Two-thirds of families assisted the parents with the treatment of their children with ASD.

Regarding toilet training and enuresis

7. Less than 15% of caregivers commenced toilet training of their infants before 12 months of age in Nigeria.

8. By 30 months of age, >85% of infants had attained day- and nighttime continence.

Regarding barriers to heathy food choices among children in the Western Cape

9. In the lower socioeconomic groups, mothers thought that the gas in carbonated drinks was unhealthy.

10. The nutritional value of a food was considered to be a factor influencing food choice by the majority of mothers interviewed.

11. The vast majority of mothers believed vegetables and fruits are important in a child's diet.

Regarding West syndrome in children in KZN

12. The features of West syndrome include epileptic spasms, hypsarrhythmia on electroencephalogram and developmental delay or regression.

13. A number of studies have shown a female predominance.

Regarding Fanconi anaemia in South Africa (SA)

14.In SA, the prevalence of Fanconi anaemia is more common in children of Jewish ancestry than other ethnic groups.

15.The genetic abnormality causes impaired DNA repair and chromosome instability.

16.In the Afrikaner community, the prevalence of Fanconi anaemia is estimated to be approximately 1/22 000.

Regarding soaps used for atopic eczema

17.Soaps with an alkaline pH are beneficial in the treatment of atopic eczema.

18. The vast majority of soaps available in SA have a pH that is detrimental for the management of atopic eczema.

Regarding poisoning by Jatropha curcas seeds

19. The plant Jatropha curcas, although not indigenous, is found in the northern and eastern parts of SA.

20. Abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting are the most common symptoms when the fruit is ingested.

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Publication:South African Journal of Child Health
Date:Oct 1, 2017
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