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The C.P. Hall Company.

The C.P. Hall Company was established in 1919 in Akron, Ohio to act as an intermediate between the producers and the tire industry. As the rubber industry grew so did Hall, establishing distribution Angeles, Chicago and Memphis. Hall was a pioneer in Southern California chemical distribution, estab warehouse there in 1928.

In mid-1993, C.P. Hall relocated their corporate headquarters to downtown Chicago. This was necessary because of the overall corporate growth through expansion of its market presence and such acquisitions as the Morton/Ventron slab dip line, Union Carbide's Flexol 4GO and Rohm and Haas PARAPLEX polyester resins.

The C.P. Hall Company fully understands its customers' needs. Its uniqueness in the industry is that it not only is a chemical distributor but also a manufacturer of the broadest line of plasticizers in the U.S., and has an extensive R&D and technical service capability.

The C.P. Hall Company has a complete line of elastomer additives. The product lines consist of dips and coatings, dispersions, plasticizers, esters -- both monomerics and polymerics, fillers, extenders, accelerators, activators, adhesion promoters, antioxidants, antiozonants, co-agents, crosslinkers, desiccants, peptizers, process aids, release agents, retarders and tackifiers.
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Title Annotation:Chemicals & Materials Corporate Profile '93: Special Advertising Section
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Date:Aug 1, 1993
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