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The Business Shelf.

The Smarter Home Office

Linda Varone

Great Meadows Publishing

10 Old Colony Lane, Arlington, MA 02476

9780984404506, $12.50

Working from home is meant to be a dream, but why does it often turn into a nightmare? "The Smarter Home Office: 8 Simple Steps to Increase Your Income, Inspiration, and Comfort" is a guide to working from home with comfort and ease to improve one's efficiency and work experience from home. From avoiding the complications, to keeping oneself comfortable while still maintaining all important focus, "The Smarter Home Office" is a wise and thoughtful read for anyone who wants to control their own workplace.

Turbulent Times Leadership

Tom Connellan

Peak Performance Press

1163 South Main Street, Suite 306, Chelsea, MI 48118

9780976950639, $17.95,

Even when things are going the worst, one can make the best of it. "Turbulent Times Leadership for Sales Managers: How the Very Best Boost Sale" is a guide to good business in bad times, and how to make the best of sales. From bumping sale in bad economies, doing the impossible, bad business practices and knowing whose the culprit when things go bad, "Turbulent Times Leadership" is a very fascinating read for anyone who wants to endure the worst of times.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Thomas J. Salerno, Jordan A. Kroop, & Craig D. Hansen

Beard Books

PO Box 4250, Frederick, MD, 21705

9781587983009, $174.95,

Bankruptcy is occasionally unavoidable, but even bankruptcy can be taken in grace. "The Executive Guide to Corporate Bankruptcy" is an extensive, complete and comprehensive guide to corporate bankruptcy. At first defining bankruptcy, starting the process for the corporation, the vital reorganization process, bankruptcy courts, facing the harsh reality of bankruptcy, working with the courts, surviving bankruptcy, taxes, working the way of debt, how there's no easy way out, and avoiding the lies and falsehoods commonly associated with corporate bankruptcy. With no shortage of research and expert opinions, these three bankruptcy lawyers in the form of Thomas Salerno, Jordan Kroop, and Craig Hansen, provide a highly useful resource. Enhanced with elaborate and useful appendixes, "The Executive Guide to Corporate Bankruptcy" is a must for any business leader facing what is feared most to companies.

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Title Annotation:The Executive Guide to Corporate Bankruptcy / Turbulent Times Leadership for Sales Managers: How the Very Best Boost Sale / The Smarter Home Office: 8 Simple Steps to Increase Your Income, Inspiration, and Comfort
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Date:Sep 1, 2010
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