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The Bush administration is being called upon to end its manipulation of immigration law to stifle free speech.

The Bush administration is being called upon to end its manipulation of immigration law to stifle free speech. Continuing its oppression of controversial ideological views, the government has barred numerous foreign scholars and activists from entering the country, including Tariq Ramadan (prevented from assuming a tenured position at the University of Notre Dame); Bolivian historian Waskar Ari (who had been offered a teaching position at the University of Nebraska); Greek economist Yoannis Milios (who had been invited to speak at the University of New York at Stoneybrook), and South African human rights activist Adam Habib (who had been invited to meet with officials from the World Bank and the National Institutes of Health).

Karen Ann Gajewski is a freelance editor and an editorial consultant to the Humanist.
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Title Annotation:Worth Noting
Author:Gajewski, Karen Ann
Publication:The Humanist
Date:May 1, 2007
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