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The Burgett Group Signs Benedetto[TM]: First Chocolate Confection to Be Included in Protein Bar Category.

-- Father's Day Special Offer on Healthy Protein Chocolates --

LOS ANGELES -- The Burgett Group signs Benedetto[TM] (, a company specializing in protein chocolates--the first confection to be categorized in the protein bar category. Benedetto is offering a Father's Day special offer for purchases made on the Company's website through June 20, 2010, by midnight. Any order of Benedetto protein chocolates placed online will receive free shipping when customers enter the coupon code: #1DAD. A three-pack of Benedetto protein chocolates (15 pieces) has the suggested retail value of $19.95.

Benedetto business development director Kevin Shelley says, "There is more lean protein per gram of Benedetto than there is in one gram of broiled porterhouse steak or grilled salmon. The proprietary technology and revolutionary formulation used in Benedetto removes up to 90% of the 'candy' in these designer protein chocolates. This is our contribution to society to aid in the prevention of juvenile diabetes and obesity."

Benedetto assorted chocolates with protein centers provide a leaner form of protein. The protein centers have zero fat and zero sugar guaranteed. It took three years to develop and create the ingredients and manufacturing process for the dark chocolate-covered line of whey products, which feature micro-filtered protein isolates, the purest form available. The dark chocolate enrobing the protein centers has minimal calories, fat and sugar, and it tastes delicious while providing antioxidant benefits.

Shelley adds, "Each box of Benedetto protein chocolates contains five servings or chocolates. The entire box has only 166 calories from lean protein--and less sugar than a glass of orange juice. This makes Benedetto food products safe for diabetics due to the extremely low sugar content."

Benedetto received the Rand Labs Gold Medal as the 2010 Protein 1(st) Award Winner. Using all natural methods, Benedetto delivers more protein per gram than any known protein bar, drink, gel, or meat-yet with decadent flavor and texture. Just one serving of Benedetto protein chocolates provides (on average) 38% of the daily protein requirement recommended for active men or women, based on a 2000-calorie diet.

Benedetto co-founder Jeremy Gines says, "This is the first in a long line of products that Benedetto is developing. People are enjoying the taste and health benefits of these products, and we believe that we are in the process of changing the face of functional snack foods. In the near future, we anticipate Benedetto will be served nationwide--from theater concession stands and restaurants to hospital patient menus."

Benedetto is not just food, it is a philosophy of life harkening back to the lost medical wisdom of the ancients embodied in the teachings of the legendary School of Salerno, Italy, which believed in teaching preventative methods for optimal health via prescribing healthy food and exercise. Benedetto aims to restore this wisdom to the world today by using the aid of modern research and technology.

For more information, please visit or visit Twitter @ProteinChocolat and Facebook @Benedetto ProteinChocolates.

About Benedetto[TM]

Benedetto, the Italian word for "blessed," is home to the world's finest healthy protein chocolates--guilt-free, all-natural, delicious marshmallow,

caramel, and crunchy protein confections, enrobed in decadent dark chocolate (63% cacao). Benedetto is the fusion of superb taste with superior diet and sports nutrition. Embarking on a revolution to end diabetes, obesity, and world hunger, Benedetto believes in solving the health problems of today by providing food that is developed utilizing modern technology--harnessing the wisdom of the ancient preventative medicine teachings of the legendary School of Salerno, Italy. More than a snack, these delicious and filling protein chocolates satiate appetite, optimize digestion, and can last all day as a dietary or sports regimen when eaten five times per day: morning, between meals and at night. Dozens of diet programs demand the leanest protein. Not only are Benedetto protein chocolates the leanest, they can also be enjoyed by diabetics due to low sugar content. Benedetto protein caramel centers contain about 10.7 grams of protein per ounce, which is 50% more than a porterhouse steak. Just five protein caramels deliver 38% of one's daily protein needs, based on the average 2000-calorie diet.
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