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Articles from The Brooklyn Rail (April 1, 2021)

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"It Seems Like a Waste ... Of the Dramatic Situation": Ryusuke Hamaguchi's Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy. Sullivan, Dan 1182
"We're Always Skirting That Breaking Point". Sims, Joey 1378
A Real Slut in the Making: Melissa Febos's Girlhood Through the Lens of Silvia Federici's Witches, Witch-Hunting, and Women. Manning, Corinne 1876
A SKETCH ABOUT GENOCIDE. Eisen-Martin, Tongo Poem 435
A Year With Swollen Appendices: Brian Eno's Diary. Grella, George 1769
ALEXANDER CALDER. Junceau, Brandt Critical essay 1151
ALLISON JANAE HAMILTON with Yasi Alipour. Alipour, Yasi Interview 5741
An Ecstasy of Parting. Branch-McTiernan, Meryl Short story 5157
AUDRE WIRTANEN with Nora Raine Thompson. Thompson, Nora Raine Interview 2415
Bahia Shehab and Haytham Nawar's A History of Arab Graphic Design: A timely new educational book leans heavily on visual sources and dismisses some previously held assumptions about Arab art. Mansour, N.A. 879
BAT-AMI RIVLIN. Heskes, Nicholas Critical essay 816
BOYLE FAMILY. Bloch, Mark Critical essay 869
CHITRA GANESH. Musser, Amber Critical essay 800
CHLOE WISE. Harris, Susan Critical essay 880
CORDY RYMAN. Rhodes, David Critical essay 779
DAVID ALEKHUOGIE. Bell, Graham W. Critical essay 891
DAY #1113. Borzutzky, Daniel Poem 563
Dear Friends and Readers. Bui, Phong H. Column 1565
DEATH POEMS. McClure, Michael Poem 177
DEATH STYLE 11.23.20. McSweeney, Joyelle Poem 518
DEGREE ZERO. MacAdam, Barbara A. Critical essay 911
ELEGY FOR THIRD ENGINEER. Moore, James Fujinami Poem 182
Fade In. Che, Cathy Linh Poem 210
Fake News and Real Conditions: Some Lessons from Past Thinkers. Vos, Nick 3052
FOX MAXY with Matt Turner. Turner, Matt Interview 2463
From MONA. Oloixarac, Pola Short story 2904
From Space to Environment, Fluxus to Furniture Music: The Women of Kankyo Ongaku. Starnes, Sadie Rebecca 1129
GIUSEPPE PENONE. Tuchman, Phyllis Critical essay 670
Governing the Ungovernable. Roufos, Pavlos 6654
In Memory of Memory. Kelly, Nolan 1105
J. BOUEY & JACQUELINE GREEN with Thomas Ford. Ford, Thomas Interview 1958
Jakob Bro: A Dream Reconstructed. Gutterman, Scott Interview 1249
JUSTINE KURLAND. Slifkin, Robert Critical essay 1069
KARON DAVIS. Ologundudu, Folasade Critical essay 1000
Keith Haring says every audience member is an artist because they create the meaning of a piece of art. Sands, Jon Poem 319
KYOUNG EUN KANG. Shane, Robert R. Critical essay 863
Last Second in Dallas. Armstrong, M.C. 1489
LEE KRASNER. Caws, Mary Ann Critical essay 869
LILIANE TOMASKO. Carrier, David Critical essay 858
Logan Richardson And The Jazz Forum Talents. Longley, Martin Critical essay 891
LOST & FOUND. Brock, Hovey Critical essay 786
Maryanne Amacher's Selected Writings and Interviews: Dramatically expanding the available literature on an influential yet little-known experimental composer and sound artist, this volume offers insight into the realist poetics and technical rigor of the artist's work. Kaack, Nicole 956
Ming Smith: An Aperture Monograph: The photographs act as sites of complicated indexicality, in which Black individuals are able to escape the confines of their own visibility. Christian, Re'Al 1333
MISCARRIAGE. Alyan, Hala Poem 253
Nozomi Yamashita's Photo Zines: Using collaged inkjet printed images, tracing paper, and embroidered beaded felt, the artist creates an object that reads as both amateurish and crafted--qualities often set at odds--but here sentimentally and smartly joined. Liberty, Megan N. 794
NURSERY SONG. Yau, John Poem 457
OLAFUR ELIASSON. Rosenfeld, Jason Critical essay 1070
ON LOYALTY. Smith, Suzi Q. Poem 184
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Broadway's Jagged Little Journey Toward Nonbinary Inclusion. Lewis, Christian 1629
OTIS HOUSTON JR. Hopkins, Zoe Critical essay 1033
PAUL McCARTHY with Dan Cameron. Cameron, Dan Interview 5713
PROXIMITY OF VIOLENCE & OUR BLACK WOMAN BODIES. Browne, Mahogany L. Viewpoint essay 1004
RACHEL EULENA WILLIAMS with Louis Block. Block, Louis Interview 5932
Reading Ridgewood. Cleffi, Rico 4999
ROBERT GROSVENOR AND DAVID NOVROS. Gluibizzi, Amanda Critical essay 724
ROBERT POLIDORI with Jean Dykstra. Dykstra, Jean Interview 4417
sex appeal. Rothstein, Caroline Poem 355
SIX FEET AWAY FROM THEM. Gordon, Nada Poem 290
So What If I'm Not Ready To Leave Yet? Falkner, Adam Poem 362
The Chronicler of Obsession. Van Den Berg, Laura 1695
The Committed. Domini, John 1148
The Conspiracy Plot. Reeve, Charles 2874
THE INDUSTRY STANDARD GROUP with Cynthia J. Tong. Tong, Cynthia J. Interview 1792
Unsentimental Education: Maria Speth's Mr. Bachmann and His Class. Hawley, Anthony 1199
UNTITLED. Daniels, Joel L. Poem 262

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