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Articles from The Brooklyn Rail (February 1, 2013)

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Title Author Type Words
A conversation. Bryan-Wilson, Julia; Chen, Mel Y. 427
A different one percent. Lippard, Lucy 410
A modest proposal. Elwood, Sean 487
A new role for the N.E.A. Knight, Christopher 448
A poetic life: Harvey Shapiro with Galen Williams. Cole, Williams Interview 2890
ABC for/of Richard Tuttle: an epistolary interview with Jarrett Earnest, pt.3 "P-Z". Earnest, Jarrett Interview 4335
Ai Weiwei according to what?, Mami Kataoka, Kerry Kataoka, Charles Merewether (Prestel Verlag, 2012). Lindquist, Greg; Mattingly, Mary 1614
Alistair. Kuan, Debora Short story 794
Alternatives. Fusco, Coco Essay 736
An animated life: Ralph Bakshi in conversation with Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker. Smulewicz-Zucker, Gregory Interview 2833
An Equity for Visual Arts Act. Powhida, William 509
An ideal ratio. Sickler, Erin Brief article 311
Anger and forgiveness in Martin Moran's All the Rage. Lecesne, James Interview 1843
Art criticism and the marketing of contemporary art. Morgan, Robert C. Column 862
Art is the commons. Byck, Maria 403
Art without criticism. Witkowski, Viktor Column 444
Art, autonomy, pedagogy in 2013. Mansoor, Jaleh 1351
Artful limbo. Burke, Siobhan 659
Artists supporting their own. Schimmel, Paul Brief article 267
Associate. Awake, Mikael Short story 2918
BAM next wave, part II. Grella, George 794
Barbara Rubin: Christmas on Earth. Klarl, Joseph 1283
Being Grass. Wilcox, Allen Guy Book review 1635
Big Mama's legacy. Bader, Eleanor J. 1259
Bill of rights and responsibilities pertaining to fifteen Nesting Bookcases that are now property of Kunstmuseum aan Zee, Oostende and that are to be made available to the citizens of Oostende. Scanlan, Joe 412
Cliches lead critics down slippery slope. Gopnik, Blake Essay 425
Critics' Page. Column 112
Dancing around the Bride. McGlynn, Tom 796
Dear reader. Schwendener, Martha Column 428
Disseminating photography. Batchen, Geoffrey 445
Dropping adjectives from art writing. Ambrozy, Lee 370
Escaping the missionary position. Mohaiemen, Naeem Excerpt 412
Everyone wants to be subaltern. Leigh, Simone 391
Four. Lala, Mike Poem 316
Hold the line. Longabucco, Matt Poem 726
How it is. Stone, Bianca Cartoon 163
If I could turn back time ... Winkleman, Ed Essay 636
Inside the motor city. Thompson, Gabriel Book review 1092
Ishmael Randall-Weeks with Alex Bacon. Bacon, Alex Interview 3423
Judith Bernstein: Hard. McCoy, Ann 941
Justin Peck with Ryan Wenzel. Wenzel, Ryan Interview 1911
Kelly by the numbers. Hamm, Theodore 1621
Kelly Lake Store: (as excerpted from a Guggenheim Fellowship Application). Kraus, Chris 602
Life of a happy man. 2409
Linda Francis with Ben La Rocco. La Rocco, Ben Interview 3632
Make room! Schwabsky, Barry Column 406
Manifesto for an education beyond the power grid. Ganahl, Rainer Essay 887
Matisse: In Search of True Painting. Carrier, David 799
Meat and mayhem. Buttenwieser, Susan Book review 606
Mitch Leigh with Phong Bui. Bui, Phong Interview 4301
Mohsen Namjoo with Shoja Azari. Azari, Shoja Interview 2349
More cooperatives. 420
Musical dissonance, cognitive strain. St.-Lascaux, David 784
Natural elements. Klin, Richard 569
Nocturnes, by Josephine Sacabo and Dalt Wonk (Luna Press, 2012). Dalland, Eugenie Book review 832
Oder? Olive, Connie Mae Poem 140
One night in the bush: Miguel Gomes's Tabu. Macfarlane, Steve Movie review 1051
One thing. Levine, David Brief article 127
Outtakes. Dalachinsky, Steve 806
Pasolini's body: Cathy Lee Crane with Leo Goldsmith & Rachael Rakes. Goldsmith, Leo; Rakes, Rachael Interview 2070
Peggy Cyphers: Animal Spirits. Goodman, Jonathan 613
Pleasures of the fresh. Henderson, Garnet 888
Put a yodel in your soul. Padua, Jose Book review 785
Roland Flexner. Rubinstein, Raphael 801
Rosemarie Trockel: A Cosmos. Burleigh, Paula 804
Sculpture Hall. Olive, Connie Mae Poem 260
Seaside stories. Kahn, Saskia Brief article 111
Shake-Speare fission. Niederkorn, William S. Book review 5766
Solidarity Art Worlds. Woolard, Caroline 1012
Spring season at the Starr: Joshua Conkel, Michael Levinton and Eliza Bent. Bishop-Stone, Sarah Interview 1881
Tarun Tejpal with Nicolle Elizabeth. Elizabeth, Nicolle Interview 1448
The amateur. Janco, Marcel Essay 432
The Man I Love. Kuan, Debora Short story 791
The Octopus. Kuan, Debora Short story 1057
The pen is mightier. Young, Geoffrery Book review 1124
The relativity of small (or, the affairs of men): two novellas. Zimberoff, Larissa Book review 697
The Shower. Kuan, Debora Short story 857
The Tattoo. Kuan, Debora Short story 1099
The uses of Richard Pryor. Beckett, Colin 1441
Thomas Cahill with Phong Bui. Bui, Phong Interview 3915
Tree Huggers: Giuseppe Penone's "Spazio di Luce" and Rachel Whiteread's "Tree of Life". Corwin, William 771
Watching the watch dogs. Paul, Ari 1945
What will be will be: Abbas Kiarostami's Like Someone in Love. Felten, Paul 1531
When the time comes. Winkler, Josef Short story 4275
Wolf Vostell: Reclaiming the Present Through Decollage. Morgan, Robert C. 800

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