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Articles from The Brooklyn Rail (May 1, 2012)

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A fragment from Isolate Flecks: An Anatomy. Hylton, Forrest 3121
A hatchet with which to chop at the frozen seas inside us. Conoley, Gillian 194
A Mother's Days. McClure, Joan 1443
Accordions in the arctic: Cynthia Hopkins sails ahead. Memran, Michelle 1818
Alejandra Prieto: Invisible Dust: Y Gallery / April 11-April 29, 2012. Lindquist, Greg 518
Alias anonymous. Grearson, Robin 1352
Andy Coolquitt: chair w/paintings: Lisa Cooley (107 Norfolk Street) March 30-May 6, 2012. Buhmann, Stephanie 540
Arrow canyon. Ryder, Pamela 4157
Barack in a weary land. Terry, Michael 1330
Barry X Ball: Matthew Barney / Barry X Ball Dual-Dual Portrait: Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Espace II, Paris / March 17-May 16, 2012. Pundyk, Anne Sherwood 632
Beautiful, forever. Van Mourik, Orli 1069
Borderless map: Taiwanese painting now: Rooster Gallery / March 9-April 15, 2012. Goodman, Jonathan 746
Bound: Hans Bellmer and Unica Zurn: Ubu Gallery / March 9-May 12, 2012. Oisteanu, Valery 789
Chaos, control. Lumpkin, Bernard 475
Charles McGill: Trapped: The Phatory / April 7-May 26, 2012. Tarnowski, Dan 495
Crime by the numbers. Rossmeier, Vincent 1084
Early music: that other music revival. Clarfield, Geoffrey 1846
Earthly Situation. Gordon, Noah Eli Poem 184
Elaine Cameron-Weir: not known to be used by any form of life. Schwarting, Jen 520
From All I want is to be in a band. Donovan, Thom Poem 255
From metaphysics to invective: art criticism as if it still matters. Strauss, David Levi 1868
From the revolution of everyday life: a new translation from the French by Donald Nicholson-Smith. Vaneigem, Raoul 2931
Games of France. Dozier-Ezell, Jon 809
German Stegmaier: Galerie Zink / March 3-April 14, 2012. Rhodes, David 566
Graphic uprising. Triantafillou, Eric 1249
Here comes a regular. Makowski, Michael 816
History in the making: Adam Curtis at e-flux. McCormack, Tom 1507
I wish you love. Browning, Barbara 1737
In conversation: Alain Kirili with Robert C. Morgan. Morgan, Robert C. 3129
In conversation: Aracelis Girmay with Melinda Cardozo. Cardozo, Melinda 1419
In conversation: John Jasperse with Aaron Mattocks. Mattocks, Aaron 728
In conversation: Jonathan Galassi with Adam Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, Adam 5759
In conversation: Lenora Champagne and Lizzie Olesker with Claire MacDonald. MacDonald, Claire Interview 1954
In conversation: Liam Gillick with William Corwin. Corwin, William Interview 4295
In conversation: Nari Ward with Phong Bui. Bui, Phong Interview 4509
In dialogue: at wrest in the Middle of Time with Will Eno. Gassman, Ben 1878
Irina Korina: Demonstrative behavior: Scaramouche Gallery / March 25-May 13, 2012. Braddock-Quagliata, Gail Victoria 430
It's all in your head. Campanioni, Chris 794
Jackie Saccoccio: Portraits: Eleven Rivington / March 22-April 22, 2012. Rhodes, David 643
Jong Oh: Marc Straus Gallery / April 1-May 6, 2012. Morgan, Robert C. 601
Just try quitting Hollywood. Courter, Justin 865
Life is crappy, but what are you going to do, right? Griffin, Paul Charles 1059
Living As Form, Ed. Nato Thompson (Creative Time and MIT Press, 2012). Vogel, Wendy 1168
Lookingm backward to looking forward. Ashton, Dore 521
Minding the gap. Campanioni, Chris 578
Miraculous agitation: Scroungings toward a new acoustic synthesis. Wilson, Dan 1984
Natalie Czech: I Have Nothing To Say, Only To Show: Ludlow 38 / March 30-May 6, 2012. Schultz, Charles 752
Noor theatre blazes new light: food and Fadwa at NYTW. Mohler, Ginny 1891
Nose bleed: Fuse Gallery / March 28-April 25, 2012. St.-Lascaux, David 1065
Outtakes. Dalachinsky, Steve 772
Plaisir, pain. Cotter, John 777
Report card: on Hakeem Jeffries. Featherstone, Liza Report 985
Shock opera: the first north American film retrospective of Werner Schroeter. Saviron, Monica 1393
Silent music: Craig Shepard's "on foot: Brooklyn" project. O'Brien, Beth 813
Song of ourselves: Abbie Hoffman, in conversation with Abbie Hoffman. Hoffman, Abbie 2180
Space oddity. Spurgeon, Michael 487
Spaces of capital. Leon, Joshua K. 1005
Steel driving man. Varno, David 792
Stephanie Dodes & Marshall Korshak: We Buy Gold: Allegra Laviola Gallery / April 25-May 26, 2012. Perry, Eve 662
Stuck on you. Namerow, Evan 606
Tennyson in Collage. Gordon, Noah Eli Poem 306
The "leaderless revolution": Carne Ross in conversation with Nikolas Kozliff. Kozloff, Nikolas 2543
The diary of Martin Santome: a novel: a new translation of La Tregua. Benedetti, Mario 7934
The meaning of the village. Grella, George 858
The new millennium minstrel show. Fernando, Tanya Jayani 2244
Tree Roots and Trunks. Eshleman, Clayton Poem 305
Urban combustion: when morality & politics mix. Rosen, David 1521
Waking up from the nightmare of participation, Nina Valerie Kolowratnik and Markus Miessen, eds. (Expodium, 2011). Stagg, Natasha 1532
Watchin' the detectives--and the rest of the officers, too. Bader, Eleanor J. 1417
Yuji Agematsu: Real Fine Arts / March 31-April 29, 2012. Van Voorhees, Roger 799

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